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Issue 1 2014(March Edition)

Industry News

Enriching user experience and beefing up research and development investment hold the key if mainlan ...

China is to increase its natural gas imports to cope with rising winter demand, the country's larges ...

About five million Beijing residents are now drinking water from a tributary of the Yangtze River, t ...

The National Development and Reform Commission last week announced detailed plans for its first pilo ...

China's top electricity company State Grid announced a record investment plan for 2015 on Friday to ...

       During this mid-winter, blizzards have been sweeping across man ...

 The water from a south China river flowed into Beijing on Saturday after a journey of over 1,2 ...

China plans to establish an ultra-large heating system serving Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province t ...


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group plans to pour 820 million U.S. dollars into helping build a &...

The Shaanxi Provincial Government has recently released the “Opinions on Implementation of the...

The scenic coastal city of Xiamen in Fujian province is making long strides toward its goal to be a ...

METERINGChina.com--In recent years, city water supply developed rapidly, during the 11th Five Year P...

METERINGChina--SGCC published the candidate companies list of the first bidding in 2013. The bidding...

    Events Calendar 2017

    HEAT METERING China 2017

26-28 April 2017
Taiyuan City, China

    China South District Heating & Cooling International Conference & Exhibition 2017

10-12 May 2017
HEFEI, China

    Power Distribution & Utilization Tech 2017 - METERING China Inclusive

s 22-24 June, 2017
WUXI, China

    WATER & GAS METERING China 2017

22-24 June, 2017
WUXI, China

    6-7 July 2017


    Future Energy Metering & MTERINGChina READERs’ ANNUAL CONGRESSS

6-7 Dec 2017
Beijing, China

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No matter what utility products you want to buy from China, complete unites (electricity, water, or gas) or meter components and parts, it is recommended that you consult with us at the initial stages. We provide suggestions and advices and even recommend some local suppliers to you.

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