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China Metering Market Review 2012
PLC or Wireless, what's the choice of China metering industry?
Back to May, SGCC announced that they would no more designate the use of PLC in its metering projects. This is the challenge for PLC and the opportunity for wireless and other communication technologies which aroused the industry.
PLC technology is widely used in China metering industry which use the existed power line to realize connection between power consumption equipments and data collection equipments, and it has been highly expected. However, wireless technology has demonstrated its superiority in recent years; SGCC and CSG both have been trying to develop it. With the rapid development of Internet of Things and triple-play power grid, it's definitely that wireless communication technology would have a spacious development foreground. …More
SoC, opportunities and challenges coexisted
The largest superiority of SoC-for meter manufactures, is to win more profit, and at the same time to meet the needs of smart metering with its rich functions and to strength competitive edge. However, smart meter as designated metering equipment, its reliability is the most important function. Besides, lots of power companies in China expect the SoC metering units could be relative independent and could be adjusted according to needs of different areas.
SGCC pays high attention to smart meter quality control
According to the 12th Five-year Plan, China would install 230 million unit smart meters from 2010 to 2015, which means over 80 million unit meters would be installed every year. However, it is still a long way to go to realize real smart metering rather than just smart reading and smart charging. With the rapid developing of smart grid construction and the implementation of smart meters, China meter manufacturers and component suppliers have been promoting research in smart metering field.
All the innovations should be based on high quality of the products. It is a huge smart meter market in China; they need to be considerate in every step with the huge investments. China is expecting to introduce international technology and product and learn from successful smart metering project to promote the developing of China smart grid. …More
Look Back at the Year In Smart Meter In China
It was reported that State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC) has installed more than 100 million smart meters in the end of September 2012. In the first three batches of centralized bidding of 2012, SGCC has bid 58.7 million smart meter. And it is expected that SGCC will bid 8 million smart meter in the fourth batches. And at the end of 2012, SGCC has invested 59.5 billion yuan for smart meter replacement and meter reading system building.
There is no doubt that 2012 was an exciting year for smart meter development in China. Although as smart meter become more common in China homes and businesses, the Chinese smart meter market is still a huge attractive market. Now, Chinese Power Companies pay more attention on the product quality and the metering reliability. As the Smart Grid continues to evolve, the smart meter highlights look to be equally as exciting.
Energy Management
Market trends for the energy metering of universities and energy-intensive fields in China
Electric, water, gas and heat as the important energy resource have been commodity people rely to survival, and guarantee the countries' economic development as well. China is planning to establish 2000 energy-saving demonstration public institutions, which are expected to get greatly reducing of energy consumption per building area and per capita during the 12th five-year-plan period.
Recently, Energy Monitoring and Management Platform are on the rise. If the policies remain unchanged in the next few years, it's probably to get a climax of establishing the platforms. That will provide a broad space and market opportunities to the companies dedicated in energy metering and energy management. …More
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China Heat Metering
Heat metering reform in China
The ultimate aim of heat metering reform is to improve the thermal efficiency and energy conservation. The pilot experience in more than 30 cities such as Tianjin, Beijing, and Chengde has shown that lots of remarkable effects have been achieved by implementing the heat metering reform. The relevant technologies become mature. It is already a good chance to comprehensively promote the heat meter, heat cost allocator, on-off time area method applied to heat metering in China …More
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