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Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd.

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Headquarter Add.: Bridge Industrial Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Tel: 86 577 6287 7777 – 9289/9290
Fax: 86 577 6291 9588
Dept.: International Trading Dept.
E-mail: cw@chint.com , tss@chint.com
Website: www.chintim.com

Company Brief

CHINT Group is a leading manufacturer of
electrical products£¬which ranks the top 500
Strongest China Private Enterprises of industrial
electrical appliances in terms of comprehensive strength.

Zhejiang CHINT instrument & Meter Co., Ltd( CHINT METER) is one core subsidiaries of CHINT Group. The company is provided with a registered capital of 105,000,000 RMB. The technical innovation is the ceaseless power of sustainable development for a company. CHINT METER invests at least 4.5% from sales income in engaging talents and development of new products, new technology and process. Meanwhile, our company takes part in drafting of the national standards, and also is a main undertaker of drafting of the national standards.

Our products are sold to more than fifty countries and regions, such as France, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Tajikistan, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa etc.

Products & Solutions

Company Advantage

Company qualification

Interests in International Market

  • Searching suitable companies to act as our agent in overseas market
  • Searching cooperators of skillful experience and strong ability to develop market
  • Cooperating with international famous factories in OEM projects
  • Customizing new products of software and hardware
  • Making our cooperators to be long-term friends and strategic partners
AMM Metering System

1. AMM System: Overview

2. AMM control system is composed of five basic parts£º

¡ó Measuring meter —— Besides the function of metering, it is characterized by the function of load control, remote transmission, circuit break, clock and data saving.
¡ó Concentrator —— It is the bridge between AMM information system and meters.
¡ó CPL technology (LAN) —— It adopts low-voltage network exchanging data between meters and concentrators.
¡ó Remote connection —— It is used for data communication between concentrators and AMM central information system.
¡ó Central system —— It consists of four systems£ºdistribution information system£¬network information system£¬management-financial information system and end user-supplier information system.

3. Measuring meter ¡ª¡ªDDSIF666

¡ó The meter can precisely measure forward and reverse active energy and save the data.
¡ó It can monitor real-time electricity parameters of voltage£¬current£¬instantaneous active power factor ,etc.
¡ó It can set basic tariff and low/peak period tariff.
¡ó It has the communications of TIC, Euridis and PLC
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