Building the Most Powerful Online Marketing Platform
For Technology or Thought Leading Vendors

The dramatic development of mobile internet is offering the most powerful marketing tool to vendors and also revolutionizing the marketing and sales strategies and models in the manufacturing industries.

How do leading vendors apply this modern marketing resource and tool, and take the market opportunities by efficiently transmitting vendorí»s brand names and product information into the market places, are becoming the priority in marketing strategy development of leading vendors.

The webinar programs organized by METERING China team offer you unique access to the smart metering professionals and leaders in both China and the rest of Asian Countries. It provides you a single most powerful tool to reach and speak to your target market in China and rest of Asia.

With the richest smart metering and utility database in China and the rest of Asia accumulated by GSL Events and METERING China in the past 12 years, the webinar program provides you the quality and pleasant time as well as opportunities talking with hundreds of potential customers and total market coverage.

Webinar Programs

To meet the marketing needs of vendors from China and abroad, METERING China team has developed a full set of service programs as below for leading vendors:

  • Product or technology release.
  • Channels recruitment.
  • Customer trainings.
  • Staff Conference.
  • Project Kick-off Meeting.
  • Road Show.
  • Successful Stories.
  • Online marketing workshop
  • Virtual Show
  • Online marketing workshop
  • Virtual Show

Features and advantages
  • Innovate and upgrade
    Prepare a persuasive online presentation that talks with the industry peers about a thought leading concept, a technology innovation, a product solution release or a critical issue that the industry concerned, transforming the commercial value of the vendor products and brand names into the market place, positioning your company as a key leading solution provider in the industry.
  • Participate and interact
    All attendees will have the opportunity to ask real-time questions online. You will also receive the contact details of all registered participants while the webinar will be hosted on, for your long term contact with the potential customers.
  • Engage and promote
    METERING China team will promote your webinar to the complete smart metering and smart grid professionals database resources in all energy sectors (electricity, water, gas and heat) that we accumulated in the past 12 years, over 6-8 weeks through email blasts (3-4 times), e-newsletters and the websites: as well as
  • Efficient & effective
    This is one time investment for long term impact. To ensure your IOR, beside the online presentation and interactive Q & A, your PPT would be listed online the two industry website as well as
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