The calls for winter heating and summer cooling in China southern areas are becoming higher and higher in recent years. It has brought a surge in development and deployment of district heating and cooling systems in urban areas, including all of Industrial, Commercial and service sectors as well as more and more residential apartments requesting heating and cooling services. The market in South China regions features more market-oriented compared to Northern China and the market grows very fast in past two years.

This new industrial hotspot is bringing pressures and challenges to local resources, environmental problems, energy saving, emission reduction and city security etc. Meanwhile, many issues required to be resolved are also exposed frequently, such as the way of heating & cooling, selection of heating technologies, energy saving and waste reduction etc. To direct this new market demand and development, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China (MOHURD) in November 2015 announced to advocate Southern Areas to choose scientific heating ways and tackle individual heating issues in general.

Co-generation of Heat & Power has been encouraged by the central government and has issued series of policies on future development of CHP in the whole Country. It is expected that CHP would become the main resources (70-80%) of heat & cooling for urban areas by 2020.

To adapt to China Southern area heating and cooling, CHP and intelligent grid market demand and huge potential, China South Heating & Cooling Conference & Exhibition(shorted as hereinafter: HEATING & COOLING 2017) is planned to be held in Hefei City during 10-11 May 2017, jointly hosted by three parties: Winter-cold Summer-Hot Working Committee of China District Heating Association (CDHA), Anhui Provincial Urban Heating Association and HEAT METERING Magazine.

HEAT & COOLING 2017 will provide a premier networking platform for leaders, executives and professionals from both China and global heating utilities, governmental departments, ministries, regulatory bodies, industrial & commercial users as well as leading manufacturers and suppliers, and will furnish in-depth analysis and discussions on strategies and insights that shape China current district heating & cooling, CHP market deployment as well as future direction.

In parallel with the conference, a customer and technology driven exhibition will be organized. The exhibition will offer the major networking opportunities for exhibitors to meet the decision-makers and executives from the customers, investors and energy service contractors.

You are welcome to participate in ways of exhibiting, sponsoring/speaking, attending the conference or visit the exhibition in order to obtain the latest industry development information.

See You in Hefei.
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