Exhibit Scope
About 2000 square meters exhibition hall is planned and ready to showcase relevant leading products that range below (including but not limited to):
Combined Heat and Power Generation、Waste Heat Recovery.
  • Unit Product (Back-pressure type and condensing bleeder turbine), Auxiliary Equipment, and Technologies.
  • Waste Heat Recovery Equipment: Set of equipment of Pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT) Devices and Waste-heat Power-generation devices, various new types of Heat Exchanger, Silencer, Dust-cleaning Apparatus of Desulfurization and Denitrification, Air Compressor Waste Heat Recovery Equipment, Low-temperature Cogeneration Technology, Heat Pump Technology of Waste Water’s Waste Heat Recovery, Waste Heat Recovery of Gas Engine Heat Pump, Low Temperature Waste Heat, and Steam Heating and so on.
Clean Energy Heating
  • Clean Coal-fired Boiler, Fluidized Bed, Burner, Desulfurization and Denitrification Equipment, and Clean Coal Heating Equipment.
  • Electric Boiler, Electro-thermal Film, Electric Under floor Heating, Electric Heater, Electric Heating Floor and Electric Energy Storage.
  • ASHP, GSHP, WSHP, Double Source Heat Pump and auxiliary products.
Smart Heating Grid and Energy Conservation
  • Smart Heating System and Solutions.
  • Other Heating System Parts and Accessories.
  • Heating Energy Conservation Product Display.
Heating (Cooling) Metering, AMR & Data Management
  • Various types of heat meters
  • Electronic meter components/parts, semiconductors
  • Smart heat metering technologies
  • AMR & AMI system solutions
  • Communication modules and infrastructure
  • Handheld meter reading equipments
  • Meter test and inspection equipment
  • Data management technologies
  • Meter asset management system
  • Meter warehouse logistic management systems
  • Energy efficiency and saving management
Billing/CIS/CRM/Energy Efficiency Management/Intelligent Grid
  • Billing systems
  • Call center services
  • CRM systems
  • Customer information systems
  • Consulting services
  • Heat marketing support systems
  • Revenue protection
  • Collection systems
  • System hardware and software solutions
  • Smart heat supply system and solution
  • Metering related other products
  • Heating energy efficiency management platform.
  • SCADA and system control system
  • Smart heat exchange station equipments
  • GIS etc.
  • Internet of Things, Big Data Mining.
  • Comprehensive Energy Service.
  • Engineering Design.
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