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2013 METERINGChina Industry Awards
Subject: Introduction, Promotion, Collaboration
17 April, 2013
The 1st METERINGChina2013 Industry Awards held by Metering China Magazine with the subject of Introduction, Promotion, Collaboration, aims to promoting professionalize, branding and internationalize of China metering industry, to select progress elements in a leisure way and to create and upgrade the brand influence of China metering industry
Would you like to know?
  • Most recognized China meter brand in international market?
  • Most recognized international meter brand in China?
  • Most innovative and prospective meter brand in China?
  • Most innovative and prospective component brand in China?
  • Most positive power utility in promoting China metering industry and the most satisfied power utility among China metering professionals?
  • Best contribution company in China metering industry?
  • Most influenced acts in China metering industry?
All the awards would be decided under the principal of fair, impartial and open; the waiting list would be decided by self-recommendation, recommendation, online registration and media survey since 1st December, 2012, the final awards would be announced until the ceremony!
Awards Application Form
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