Being an exclusive leading print magazine in Chinese metering industry, METERING CHINA has experienced 15 years of professional accumulation, featured and recognized as the only high-end publication both print and electronic, covering and integrating all four sectors of Chinese metering industries of electricity, water, gas and heat.
Adhering to the concept of “valuable information-oriented” and the attitude of “ working with heart”, METERING CHINAnow possesses tens of thousands of online & offline readers, abundant public utility companies (e.g. electric power companies, water/gas/heat utility companies), and quality monitoring, examination & testing institutions of governmental departments, as well as metering industry supply chain, all manufacturers and suppliers for complete products, components and parts, system integration, ICT, CRM/CIS and data management services.
Thanks to continuous penetration of energy metering and energy management in non-public utilities, METERING CHINA also attracted an increasing number of non-public utility readers from various fields such as colleges and universities, hospitals, hotels, metallurgy and steel plants, petrochemical engineering and high energy-consumption enterprises. Especially in recent years, METERIG CHINA has been very active in fields like smart energy, energy interconnection, big data and power retailing reform, METERING CHINA has entirely created fresh vitality and development strategy to traditional metering industries.
METERING CHINA, founded in 2002, has owned 15,000 readerships and possesses HEAT METERING as its supplement specialized in heat utility
HEAT METERING Print Magazine
Branded as Heat Metering, the magazine is printed and published four times a year in China by GSL Publishing, one Division of GSL Consulting. All editorial and advertising are in Chinese. Editorials are sourced from experts in China and internationally, and addresses interests and developments in Chinese heat metering industry. Distribution is to 8,000 readers in the Chinese smart heat, metering, AMR, billing, CRM and energy service industries. Heat Metering Print is the official publication of the annual Heat Metering, Smart Heat, and Clean Heating annual events. For more details of the magazine, please visit the website.
Heat & Cool Metering Working Committee (shorted as HMWC) is a non-profitable, subsidiary heating and cooling industry service organization under supervision of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency. HMWC with total 20+ member companies, consists of China national heat utility companies, technology research and development institutions, colleges and universities, governmental agencies, heating and cooling energy management and operation centers, social organizations as well as manufacturers from all the supply chain. HMWC provides services to the governmental department and the heating industry with top level industry design, policy promotion and implementation, standard research and development, investment and partnership building as well as member services.
GSL Events
GSL Events is one division of GSL Consulting Group China, dedicated in developing and organizing annually high quality international Conferences and Exhibitions for and in co-operation with Chinese energy and utility industries. Fields of expertise include smart energy, smart grids (transmission, distribution system operations and customer resources), metering and billing, AMR/AMI, data management, customer management and energy services in China electricity, water, gas and heat industries.
GSL Consulting Ltd., found in 2002, positioned itself as a key strategic information, event development & advisory service provider to utility metering, meter to cash and customer-end technology sectors and as an insider in Chinese utility industries, with a focus on the electricity, water, gas and heat utility fields. GSL Consulting is recognized for its leading events and print magazines, with market-leading brand names including:Metering China, Heat Metering and Clean Heating.
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