Metering, AMR/AMI, ICT& Data Management
Various types of smart electricity/water/gas/heat meters
Key components/parts, semiconductors for electricity/water/gas/heat meters
Smart metering technologies
AMR & AMI system solutions
Communication modules and infrastructure (M-bus, RS485, PLC, GPRS, RF, Lora, NB-IOT)
Handheld meter reading equipments
Meter test and inspection equipment
Data management technologies
Meter asset management system
Meter warehouse logistic management systems
Billing/CIS/CRM/Big data/IOT/Smart Grid
Billing systems
Call center services
CRM systems
Customer information systems
Consulting services
Utility marketing support systems
Revenue protection
Collection systems
System hardware and software solutions
Smart electricity/water/gas supply system and solution
Metering related other products
SCADA and system control system
GIS etc.
Co-located Events
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