Host city----Zhuhai ,China
Brief Introduction
Zhuhai City in 1979 established, is located in China's Guangdong Province in the south, the West Bank of the Pearl River Estuary, near the South China Sea, East and Hong Kong, Shenzhen waters connected, 36 sea miles away from the port of Xiangzhu, Macau and South terrestrial phase, 140 kilometers from Guangzhou to the North in latitude 21 degrees 48 '22 to 27 degrees' and longitude LL3 ~ 03' to 114 degrees 19 'between, the land area for 1653 square kilometers, sea area is 6000 square kilometers, there are 146 islands. Zhuhai City, under the jurisdiction of Xiangzhou, Doumen Bay, three administrative districts.
Places of interests
Dong'ao Island:
East Island, English DongAo Island, located in the southeast of zhuhaixiangzhou district has injected,xiangzhou 30 kilometers, wanshan islands in the middle. Area of about 4.663 square kilometers. Because of the island on the east side of the east bay is woven into the central about 1500 meters, forming a large voids, therefore calls the east Australian island. Points in two between north and south part of the island.Along the coast line of the shore.On the hillside with, within 90 meters around the island offshore reef.People on the island of 415 people, equipped with aquatic products, supply and marketing, office, schools, health clinics. There are 4 simple highways, total length of 14.6 kilometers, sufficient water.
Statue of Fisher Girl in Zhuhai:
Zhuhai is the symbol of the city of Zhuhai Fisher girl statue. Yunu graceful, expression of joy, holding a pearl, dedicated to the treasures of mankind, to the world of light. The statue is a masterpiece of the famous Chinese sculptor, Pan He. Built in 1982, 10 tons of granite stone, divided into 70 parts, 8.7 meters high. Fisher girl image of the blueprint from Zhuhai, a beautiful love story, Fisher girl statue of the successful creation, creating a precedent for China's large seaside statue.
Qi'ao Island:
Q Macao island in 13 kilometers northeast of xiangzhou, inside the west of pearl river mouth, 13 km from the island of the music in east, north as opposed to a humen, 1.2 km south away from tang China. A total area of 23.8 square kilometers.The permanent population of 1900 people on the island. Geological as the main body in the granite structure, surface of sand clay, with the bushes, thatched and pine forests, miscellaneous tree, green coverage rate of 90%. High terrain north and south ends, the middle flat, the island was divided into the two and a half, in the northeast to southwest. Island mountains, rolling, 18, 100 meters above the mountain ridge, the highest main peak at chek island lies in the northeast. Four week bears (port) bay is more, there are mainly two oblique bay, emperor, Venus bay, ishii, bay bay, tai wai, bay, the east bay is sandy coast more, mostly alluvial sediment bottom on both sides of the northwest bay mudflats, shallow water, low water dry out.
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