Closing Announcement
Shanxi Province is rich in coal resources, therefore its original impression may be related with gray sky and dirty air. However, in recent years, it has changed a lot after serious environmental control. In April, the provincial capital Taiyuan city has become a beautiful city with blue sky, white clouds and spring flowers. The 7th Heat Metering & Intelligent Grid International Conference & Exhibition has just closed successfully in this special city at the end of April. !
The main conference started at 9 o’clock of 26 April. The invited guest from local heat utility Taiyuan Heating Power Co., the event Platinum Sponsor made their special welcome addresses, respectively. After a short opening ceremony, the experts speeches began. During the two-day conference, a total of 15 experts made excellent presentations, and 10 top experts led a heated discussion, involving heat metering, intelligent grid, smart heating, communication technology, system solution, energy service and such hot topics.
Researchers from scientific institutes, standing on a global level, analyzed the problems, barriers, situations, directions of heat metering reform in China. Heat utilities from different areas shared their own achievements, confusions, suggestions and their next steps. Manufactures and suppliers from home and abroad introduces various advanced technologies, solutions, services and cases, which help promoting and improving heat metering construction in China.
As shown by Mr. James Lau, the principal of Heat & Cool Metering Industry Alliance, domestic heat metering market values is more than hundreds of billions. How to achieve this goal and what to do in 2017 are always the concerns of the whole industry chain. Let’s pay the most attention to our further seminar in the next half year.
Program Outline
  • Welcome Address by Invited Speaker
    ZHANG Jianwei, General Manager, Taiyuan Heating Power Co.
  • Welcome Address by Platinum Sponsor
    SONG Wenguang, CEO of Diehl Metering (Jinan) Co., Ltd.
  • Overview and future direction of heat metering reform
    LI Deying, Secretary General, China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE)
  • The development opportunities for heat metering industry
    James Lau, The principal of Heat & Cool Metering Industry Alliance
  • Speaking from Special Guest
    ZHANG Yinong, Beijing Institute of Metrology
  • Speaking from Special Guest
    FANG Xiumu, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Smart metering for district heating
    Konrad Aicher, Head of Prod. Mmgt., Diehl Metering Germany GmbH
  • Danfoss district heating total solution
    John KANG, Director of Technology & Service, Danfoss Heating Segment
  • Secondary heating network performance analysis based on heat metering data
    CHEN Dongyan, General Manager, Jinan Precise Communications Co. Ltd
  • Sustainable energy efficiency project
    DONG Junyong, Deputy General Manager, RUNA Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd
  • Energy saving space brought by heat metering
    WANG Xiangwei, Chief Engineer, Chengde Heat Power Group
  • Application of heat metering in production and operation management
    MENG Chun’e, Technical Director of Southern Branch Company, Taiyuan Heating Power Co.
  • Smart heat metering goes ahead of first class heating enterprises
    TIAN Yanqing, Director of Metering Department, Taiyuan Heating Power Co.
  • The way out of heat metering from the point of policy initiatives
    WANG Hongbo, Qingdao Energy Thermal Power Co., Ltd
  • The sharing about intelligent network construction and heat energy saving in Xi’an
    LIU Yajuan, Senior Engineer, Xi’an Heating Power Co.
  • Overall Architecture Schemes and Key Technology for Intelligent Heating
    QI Chengying, Professor, Hebei University of Technology / Hebei Gongda Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Information construction helps smart heating
    QIU Hongde, Deputy General Manager, Shandong Deer Intelligent Digital Co. Ltd
  • Diehl Metering AMR and Trends in AMR
    Christoph Sosna, Head of R&D, Diehl Metering (Jinan) Co., Ltd.
In-depth Technical Discussion
  • Dialogue interaction – Focus on what we can do in 2017
    Q1: Pain points and problems for heating companies
    Q2: In particular, where should we walk forward and what should we do?
    Q3: How to treat the win-win cooperation among heat utilities, suppliers, users and local governments?
  • Invited speakers
    WANG Hongbo, Qingdao Energy Thermal Power Co., Ltd
    YANG Hongzhao, Baoji Heating Co., Ltd
    CHENG Zhenyu, Chengde Heat Power Group
    HAO Jun, Taiyuan Heating Power Co.
    QI Chengying, Hebei University of Technology / Hebei Gongda Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
    FANG Xiumu, Harbin Institute of Technology
    XUE Shijun, Beijing Reaching Tech.
    James Lau, Heat & Cool Metering Industry Alliance
    SONG Jinshuai, ISTA (Beijing)
    TAN Wensheng, BASIC Intelligence Technology Co.
Field Visit
Together with a professional event, project field visit is necessary. Especially when it comes to Taiyuan city, the first phase of Taigu Heat Project has been completed and put into operation at the end of October 2016, it absolutely deserves a look. As we know, this heating project is the biggest central heating one all over the world, and also has the most difficulties, benefits and quality.
In the morning of 28 April, a team of more than 70 delegates drove to the project site. On the road to the destination, the delegates could see long tunnel, the Fen River, long-distance transport pipes, relay energy station… It’s really a long trip, and the views are very spectacular.
Returning from the project site, the visiting group went to one community with heat metering devices. In Taiyuan, heat metering is to the buildings, then allocated among households. Judging from the present situation, this metering method is basically correct. Energy saving effects will become obvious if metering area reaches a third of the whole heating area in the future.
Participating organizations and attendances of HEAT METERING2017
In 2017, there are in total 396 participants, including the visitors, exhibitors and all participants. Among them, governmental delegates are mainly from those provinces and cities that are promoting heat metering or will do soon; researchers focus on meter verification, energy metering, thermal design, clean energy and so on; almost all heat utilities are from north China, but Hefei Thermoelectric Group also has a strong participation; For manufactures and suppliers, they are all in the top range of this subdivided and professional market, like heat metering, intelligent grid, energy service, etc.
Thanks to the following sponsors, exhibitors and support organizations
Company Name 公司名称
Diehl Metering (Jinan) Co., Ltd 代傲表计(济南)有限公司
RUNA Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd 合肥瑞纳表计有限公司
Danfoss Automatic Controls Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 丹佛斯自动控制管理(上海)有限公司
Jinan Precise Communications Co. Ltd 济南普赛通信技术有限公司
Hebei Gongda Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd 河北工大科雅能源科技股份有限公司
Shandong Deer Intelligent Digital Co. Ltd 山东德尔智能数码股份有限公司
Guangzhou Basic Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd 广州柏诚智能科技有限公司
HEBEI TONGLI Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 河北同力自控阀门制造有限公司
Tianjin GuangDaWeiYe Measuring Instrument Technology Co. Ltd. 天津市光大伟业计量仪表技术有限公司
China Association of Building Energy Efficiency 中国建筑节能协会
Taiyuan Heating Power Co. 太原市热力公司
Heat & Cool Metering Industry Alliance 供热(冷)计量产业联盟
Metering China Print 《环球表计》
HVACR Online 冷暖在线
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