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Since heat metering reform initiated from 2003, many obvious progresses have been made in major areas, such as governmental policies, technical regulations, product quality, etc. However, as push model of heating metering reform was in the transition period from government leading to market in recent three years, the market environment is not optimistic. Nevertheless, some leading heating companies are still promoting heat metering reform to indicate opportunities still exist, but demand high quality and service. So vendors who can explore metering value and energy storage potentials will obtain benefits.

The 7th Heat Metering & Intelligent Grid International Conference & Exhibition (as HEATMETERING 2017) which takes place during 26-28 April 2017 in Taiyuan, Chinawill provide a premier networking platform for leaders, executives and professionals from both China and global heating utilities, governmental departments, ministries, regulatory bodies as well as leading manufacturers and suppliers, and will furnish in-depth analysis and discussions on strategies and insights that shape China current district heating reform and metering/billing deployment as well as future direction. Hot topics such as energy interconnection, innovative utility, latest district heating/cooling reform, latest heat/cool metering and billing, AMR/AMI, energy services, smart heating systems in China, and investment opportunities as well as latest product technologies and solutions will be focused.

    China Building Energy Conservation Association
    Tai Yuan Heating Group
    Taiyuan Urban&Rural Management Committee
    Shanxi Provincial Urban Heating Association
    Heat & Cool Metering Industry Alliance
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