- Overseas topics
Pre-conference seminar (overseas topics)
June 20 09:00-17:30
Special experts familiar with overseas market will analyse technical standards and development, entry threshold, cooperation demand, investment strategy and actual combat experience of different countries and regions.
Target attendees:China meter enterprises who are doing business or are willing to do business in overseas metering market.
Morning Session 09:00-12:30
Brazil power market and communication technology application in Latin American countries

Xiangfeng LI, Technology Director, Hexing Electric
Speech outline:
  • Summary of Electricity Features in Latin America.
  • Situation of Electricity meter market in Latin America.
  • Smart meter opportunities and challenges.
  • New energy and micro grid rapid development.
  • How to Enter Latin American Market.
Why System Integrator or IT Operator is the winner of the Big AMI Projects in European Market – Driving Factors and Service Guarantees Behind

Julio Echenique Carbonell,Global Head of Utility Offering,Ericsson(Spain)
Speech outline:
  • Overview of AMI in Europe (regulation, policy, standard, market, technology, requirement, participant) Analysis of why large SI vendor, IT company (and telecom operator) involve in Europe AMI project
  • Typical cases
  • Ericsson experience and lesson & learn sharing
  • AMI development history and future trend from Ericsson point of view
Deep Understanding of IR46

Lei WANG, Researcher of Electromagnetic Center, National Institute of Metrology, China
Speech outline: Related national standards, verification procedures, type evaluation outline of IR46 will be completed around 2018 in China with purposes of reducing the phenomenon of repeated type approval in international trade business and promoting the international trade development.This speech mainly introduces OIML new certification system background and content.
12:30-14:00  Lunch Time
Afternoon Session 14:00-17:30
Investment and Cooperative Opportunities in Mexico

YONANETL ZAVALA, Mexican Chamber of Commerce (MEXCHAM)
Speech outline: With the currently changes developed in the constitutional framework, Mexico presents itself as a country with multiple business opportunities for the electricity sector. These changes opening several areas of opportunities in the fields of Generation, Transmission and Distribution for the industry, including primary sectors, such as components manufacturing and devices required by the infrastructure and projects integration, such as clamps, insulators, substations, reactors, lightning arresters, grounding systems, filters, transformers, capacitor banks, thyristors, air conditioning systems, etc., up to complex sectors whose efforts are driven to increase the use of renewable energies, intelligent networks AMI type, manufacturing and implementation of IT technologies, informatic platforms dedicated to the real-time operation, maintenance and billing for end-users of electrical networks, smart meters, integration of special projects (i.e. high capacity underground and overhead DC cables) and the recent EPC IPP projects throughout open bidding process. With this envision, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) was reorganized, segmented by itself, into several State-owned Productive Companies whose income statement, shall be evaluated in the same way as any other industry. Under the IPP scheme, the so-called "clearing house" shall perform an important role, because its primary task and responsibility shall be the managing and control of electric power market purchasing-sales operations. In the starting phase, the clearinghouse has initiated operations under the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy (SENER) through the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) but, similarly to other countries, the operations of the clearing house will evolve and finally be integrated at private sector. New challenges, new experiences and new business opportunities shall rise along the evolution of this particular and basic market sector.
How to Enter the Australian Metering Market

Rian Sullings,Manager Smart Metering & IoT, WaterGroup Pty Ltd, Australia
Speech outline:
  • An understanding on the size, demographics, and current players in the Australian market
  • Back-ground on the Australian smart water metering market including milestone projects and successful deployments of smart water metering and AMR technology
  • Understanding the needs and drivers for utilities and other organizations to purchase smart metering products and services
  • The expectations and requirements of Australian utilities and municipal water authorities for products and suppliers
  • The regulations and approvals required for implementing smart water metering products in Australia
  • New technologies in demand from Australian utilities, municipalities, commercial and industrial water users, and smart metering practitioners
  • Opportunities for Chinese organisations to enter the Australian market and meet the needs of Australian utilities and smart water metering users
Experience or lessons of openingpower meter business in a typical country and region from a technical and business perspective

Zhongping TIAN, General Manager of International Department, Wasion Group, China
Speech outline:
  • AMI Market Demand Introduction;
  • Information Sharing of International Smart Meter Market;
  • Risk and Precautionary Measures of Overseas Market.
European Approval System And Update Standards For Utility Meters

Chuan WEN,Senior Consultant, NMi
Speech outline:
  • European approval system (CE/MID)
  • Procedure for EU approval
  • Update standards
  • Smart meter rollout in EU
(The organizer reserves the right to modify, increase or decrease the above outline)

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