- W/G Speaker
Ultrasonic Flow Measurement: Product Matrix of UFC SoC
Zorro HUANG, Sr. Product Management & Marketing, ams AG
Speaker Profile
Zorro HUANG, Sr. product management and marketing in semiconductor industry for ten more years, focuses on innovation of sensing, measuring and metering segments.
Speech Briefing
Simply introduce the development of ams ultrasonic flow measurement products and technologies, from time-of-flight measurement to time-to-digital converter, then to ultrasonic flow converter SoC and the following product matrix. Analysis of the technical and application trends behind this roadmap, and the technical differentiation between China and overseas manufacturers
Non-Volatile Memory FRAM / ReRAM / NRAM,
Best memory solution for smart metering infrastructure

Yixin FENG, Director of Product Management,FUJITSU ELECTRONICS (SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD
Speaker Profile
Yixin FENG, director of Product Management, FUJITSU ELECTRONICS(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD, holding a Master degree and graduates from school of Politics and Economics, Waseda University.
Speech Briefing
Fujitsu Semiconductor Group is one of main FRAM vendors, having 18 years’ mass production experience in FRAM, controlling all of production process, it enables high quality and stable supply. Fujitsu Semiconductor has provided its storage solutions for more than 200 kinds of applications in 43 countries worldwide. FUJITSU has 18 years’ mass production experience in FRAM with high speed, high endurance and low power consumption characteristics. FUJITSU FRAM has been adopted as a standard device for storing critical data in power meters. With spec requirement from the intelligence of water meter, gas meter and heat meter, FUJITSU semiconductor has being developing another new generation non-volatile memories like ReRAM and NRAM, and proposing customers of dual IF RFID without both of battery and MCU for AMR(Automatic Metering Reading system) .
The Photoelectric Sensing Technology from HDSC MCU
Rong NANGONG, BD manager, Huada Semiconductor Co. LTD
Speaker Profile
Mr. Nangong has excellent work experience in world class companies such as WPI Group, Renesas ,Future Electronics, focuses in both technical support and business development.
Speech Briefing
From the angle of market application, the application of the micro controller chip MCU development trend and the overall highly consistent with the development trend of industrial and consumer, computing ability, communication ability, consumption level and reliability become the focus of the technology development direction.This speech focuses on the new projects in water, gas, heat and heat, as well as its features and advantages in many aspects such as safety and low power consumption. Focus on sharing the latest photoelectric direct reading products and solutions, and discuss the market model.
The ST MCU Accelerate Smart Flow Metering Market Rapid Growth
Colin LIU, Senior Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
Speaker Profile Mr. Liu has worked in the leading chip companies for 10 years, engaged in technology development and product market. Currently he works for STMicroelectronics marketing, mainly focuses on the application market of applications with ultralow power consumption, with more than 6 years of experience in R&D and promotion of smart flow metering market.
Speech Briefing
  • ST MCU powerful products lineup, roadmap and a wide range of application markets.
  • ST low power series MCU product features, performance, advantages and hardware & software tools chain.
  • MCU resource demandof the flow metering market under new technology and new standards.
  • ST MCU strategy and the strong ecosystem, ensure customer product development and maintenance safer and more efficient.
AMR new challenge to TADIRAN Battery
Heng LIU, Sales Manager, Asean Technology Company
Speaker Profile Mr. Liu, engaging in electronic technology research for many years, has experience in the battery industry practitioners of more than 10 years. He is an expert in the battery application technology field.
Speech Briefing
  • Problems of previous AMR system battery;
  • TLP technical characteristics of TADIRAN battery;
  • How TADIRAN battery responds to new challenges brought by rapid development of communication technology.
SAFT New Battery Solutions for Metering
Gang WU, Application Engineering Manager, Saft (Zhuhai Free Trade Zone) Batteries Co. Ltd
Speaker Profile Mr. Gang Wu joined Saft since 2005, has more than 10 years Saft batteries manufacturing and engineering experience. Mr. Gang Wu now is working in application function to provide professional battery solutions and technical support for customers.
Speech Briefing
  • Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries, LS &Eternacell series.
  • Lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) batteries, LM & M series.
Development of Global Narrowband Cellular Communication Module
Tao ZHU, VP of Marketing, Fibocom Wireless Inc.
Speaker Profile
Mr. Zhu is vice president of marketing of Fibocom Wireless Inc., holding a Master degree of Harbin Institute of Technology, and he once worked in Huawei Technologies.
Speech Briefing
Narrowband IoT is an important branch of internet of things. With the continuous improvement of 3GPP communication standard, the global operators are in the deployment of narrowband cellular networking. The commercialization process is accelerating. This speech will reveal how to choose the appropriate narrow band technology, how to look at the maturity of the current narrow-band cellular industry chain, and how to choose the right module program to obtain commercial success.
LoRa Techonlogy use cases and advantages in smart water and gas meter
Johnson QIANG, Marketing Manager, Semtech Corporation
Speaker Profile Johnson Qiang is working at Semtech as wireless sensing product Marketing manager focusing on Asia Pacific; has 17 years wireless industry work experience, graduated from Xi’Dian university with Master degree.
Speech Briefing
  • LoRa technology introduction, current situation and future trend;
  • The Advantages of LoRa technology in smart meter application;
  • LoRa use case in smart meter.
Application of Low Power Consumption Technology for AMR
Bin ZHANG, Product Manager, Shenzhen HAC Telecom Technology Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Zhang has years of semiconductor wireless communication experience, good understanding of the latest communication technology trend and market trend in the industry, more in-depth experience with LoRa and NB-IoT technology in the table industry.
Speech Briefing
Application of wireless communication technology.
World's First NB-IoT Smart Metering Project Sharing
Wenyuan ZHANG, Marketing Operation Deputy Director, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Wenyuan Zhang holds a Marketing Director position at Huawei, in charge of defining and implementing the marketing strategy for Huawei’s IoT solutions. Mr.Zhang graduated from Fudan University with a B.S. in mathematics in 1988. He started working with Huawei since 2005, and has been working in the field of wireless communication and IoT. He has significant experience and deep understanding of IoT industry.
Speech Briefing
On Mar 2017, Shenzhen Water, China Telecom, and Huawei jointly announced the release of the world’s first commercial NB-IoT based Smart Metering project. This project marks a significant milestone for NB-IoT and IoT industry development. This presentation will talk about the key issues and solutions when industry ecosystem partners and Huawei were working together to implement this Smart Metering project, including the selection of the core telecommunication technology, the development and test of smart metering, network operation and troubleshooting etc.
Discussion on Operation Mode of Sharing the Internet of Things
Haiping LI, President, HUIJIE. TECH
Speaker Profile
Mr. Li used to work in Datang Group and Nationz Technologies, and now is the legal person and president of HUIJIE. TECH. He has been engaged in the field of communications, information security and IoT.
Speech Briefing
Facing the broad application needs of IoT, the speech introduces the status of the domestic Internet of Things construction, focusing on the diversification of IoT, and customer demand. It discussed the narrowband and wide and narrow fusion networking construction, and new operation model.
Design Experience of IoT Gas Meter
Hongjun CHEN, GM, Beijing Elehouse Technolgies Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Chen Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and equipment, bachelor degree. Harbin Institute of Technology process automation, master graduate. Has long been engaged in smart electricity, water, gas meter and meter reading charge management system design and development, the National Electrical Instrument Standard Committee members, presided over the "prepaid electricity sales system", "automatic meter reading system" national standard drafting work, Participated in the development of a number of domestic urban water and electricity meter reading charges the overall program.
Speech Briefing
Combined with Beijing Elehouse Technolgies Co., Ltd. developed a variety of things gas meter experience,by comparing the application of GPRS, NB-IOT, LORA and Bluetooth communication technology in the current gas meter, it is necessary to pay attention to the problems and solutions in the design process. As well as a variety of communication methods in the gas meter application promotion process for the environment, and the Internet of things gas meter data transmission security demonstration.
Friendcom® IoT Cloud Computing Platform based on WM-IoT
Bin LI, Director of Network Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Li, PhD., Professor, his researching fields are Internet of things simulation and big data analysis. He has published more than 20 papers.
Speech Briefing
Friendcom® IoT cloud computing platform meets the intelligent, universal technology trends of IoT. The platform architecture consists of the sensing layer, the communication layer, the cloud computing layer and the application layer. The sensor network adopts low-power wireless mesh network technology (WM-IoT), can simultaneously handle multi-channel switch, analog and digital sensor signal input and achieve real-time sensor data monitor. Cloud computing platform layer with tens of millions of devices access management capabilities. Through the device safety certification, user security authentication and data encryption technology to ensure system security.
Construction of Remote Meter-reading Integrated Platform in Hangzhou Water Holding Group
Xiangzhi HE, Vice President, Hangzhou Water Holding Group Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. He, senior engineer, has long been engaged in water supply and marketing management, and has accumulated rich practical experience. Mr. He is currently the director and vice president of Hangzhou Water Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Speech Briefing
  • Introduction of water supply situation of high-rise residential buildings in Hangzhou;
  • Problems and current situation of AMR in Hangzhou;
  • Principles and advantages of integrated platform;
  • Meter-reading standards of Hangzhou Water Holding Group;
  • Unified evaluation system and management measures.
Comparison between LoRa and NB-IoT and the Application in the Water and Gas Industry
Xingzhi CHANG, Chief Technology Officer, Ningxia LGG Instrument Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Chang, the Chief Technology Officer of Ningxia LGG Instrument Co., Ltd., holds a bachelor degree of Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering from Ningxia University. Mr. Chang is the technical leader of LGG’s National R&D Center and the National & Local Joint Research Center and he has the rich experience in the field of the development of hardware and software of smart metering industry.
  • The comparison of Data Transmission Speed, Battery Life, Service, Delay, Communication Distance, Coverage Area, Implementation, Cost and Efficiency between NB-IoT and LoRa
  • The development demand from utilities about cost ,service, implementation, daily maintenance, density of residential area, Communication Environment and Secondary Development etc.
  • Principles and advantages of integrated platform;
  • The demand from end users about battery, data security, billing and mobile payment etc.
Smart Water Meter Design and Process – Smart Water Meter
Yaohua HE, Engineer, Jiangsu Rudong Water Company
Speaker Profile
Mr. He, engineer of Jiangsu Rudong Water Company, has been devoted to the water meter technology over the past two decades, solving problems of urban and rural water terminal supply, studying in intelligent water meter with low cost and full coverage.
Speech Briefing
The core competitiveness of the project is to design a data acquisition that in line with national regulations, and can meet the demand of intelligent home management, self-check and achieve a variety of data acquisition and transmission, providing water pressure, turbidity, temperature, conductivity, PH and other data for smart water construction.
Smart Water Meter Design and Process – Pre-paid Water Meter
Boming SHI, Technical Assistance, Baoding Water Company
Speaker Profile
Mr. Shi works in Baoding Water Company as a technical support.
Speech Briefing
Using patent technology in order to ensure that the smart meter remains in mechanical watch mode in most time, while the electronic part is only charged in the key node of 30 seconds to deal with data. Unlike the traditional design of relying on micro-power to achieve long-life of battery, this method can ensure 6 year of water meter service life, and it can be detected.
Integrated Meter Reading and Big Data Application in Water Utility
Enju WANG, Director of R&D Center, Guangzhou Water Supply Co.
Speaker Profile
Mr. Wang, first class registered surveyor, has been engaged in water meter technical work for more than ten years. In 2013, he is in charge of intelligent water meter selection, installation and operation and maintenance in Guangzhou Water Supply Company.
  • Water company intelligent water meter selection and project implementation;
  • Application of big data in water management, service, data value-added service.
Smart Water Meters in Australia
Rian Sullings, Manager Smart Metering & IoT of Water Group Pty Ltd
Speaker Profile
Rian Sullings is an Australian smart metering expert. Through his work in the smart water metering field, he helps people understand their utility resource use with a view to improve efficiency. His focus is on using the latest IoT technology and processes to ensure smart metering projects achieve their goals; improving efficiency and sustainability while reducing cost.
  • An understanding of the Australian Smart Water Meter market and current players;
  • Back-ground on the Australian smart water metering market including milestone projects;
  • The goals of Australian utilities in undertaking Smart Water Metering roll outs;
  • The challenges being faced by Australian utilities such as product availability and the high cost of doing business in Australia relative to other markets;
  • New wave of interest and new technologies opening up new opportunities and disrupting the market.
Big Data Application and Analysis of Veolia
Denny Wu, Information System and Technology Manager, Veolia Group
Speaker Profile
Mr. Wu, Information System and Technology Manager of Veolia Group, has an in-depth understanding of how improving operational efficiency through process optimization and finding new development trend by data study will have favorable impact on water companies.
  • Introduction of Veolia Group’s business in China;
  • Water company information system;
  • New demand of customers;
  • Evolution of data scale and management;
  • Processing steps and architecture of data lake;
  • Big data application.
Water Utility Informatization Construction
Ping YE, Vice President, Zhejiang Jiaxing Jiayuan Water Supply Company
Speaker Profile
Ms Ye, graduated from Ningbo University, Department of Computer and Automation, joined Zhejiang Jiaxing Jiayuan Water Supply Company in 1991, and is in charge of engineering construction, informatization and marketing.
Speech Briefing
This presentation will focus on information construction status, problems and development goals.
Smart Town and IoT Water Meter
Speaker Profile
Mr. Zhang graduated from Tsinghua University, majoring in electronic science and technology, and has long been engaged in the field of radio communication technology research, and participated in many major research projects.
  • Development trend of smart town;
  • IoT technology architecture only suitable for smart town;
  • IoT water meter analysis;
  • Water data demand;
  • Water user behavior and big data analysis.
Discussing the management and technology differences of water loss control amongst western countries
Yuxi WANG, Overseas Department Manager, Beijing Fujitech Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Yuxi Wang, graduated from Imperial College London with MSc Petroleum Geoscience. He has worked as a geologist for several multinational oil companies and oil service companies such as Exxon Mobil and Ikon Science. Now, he is focusing on water loss control and water leak detection technology research. Yuxi has had some in-depth discussion with numbers of NRW reduction professionals like Malcolm Farley and Roland Liemberger. He is currently the member of IWA, IWA Water Loss Group and AAPG.
  • Discussing the current cutting-edge water loss control companies
  • The DMA supporters
  • The non-DMA supporters
  • Case studies
  • Conclusion
Network Leakage Control and Metering Management
Youfei LIU, GM Assistant, Shaoxing Tap-water Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Liu mainly engages in the research of water metering technology and management, pipe network leakage control management, DMA and system construction and applications, and smart water network construction.
Speech Briefing
The speech will introduce water leakage strategy from DMA, information technology, business copy, leak inspection, pressure control, pipe network transformation and performance appraisal. The speaker will also share his experience of how to deal with the relationship between bulk meter and household meter, planned weekly inspection and dynamic weekly inspection, manual meter reading and remote reading, etc.
Challenges and Opportunities of Gas Utility in Oil/Gas and Electricity
Reform Guojing CHI, Secretary-General, China Gas Association
Speaker Profile
Mr. Chi is the secretary-general of China Gas Association.
Customer-oriented Collaborative Management Discussion of Multi-meter
Boju YANG, Minister of Business Administration, Sichuan Guangan AAA Public Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Ms Yang once served as Minister of Securities Investment of Sichuan Guangan AAA Co., Ltd. She is now the Minister of Business Administration.She has strong ability of data analysis and good at investment and enterprise integrated management.
  • Multi-meter collaborative management from the view of customers;
  • Multi-meter collaborative management from the view of gas utility;
  • Multi-meter collaborative management from the view of value-added service.
Legal Awareness of Gas Metering and Case Studies on its Dispute Prevention
Xinsong CHEN, Director of Natural Gas Business Department, Sunshine Law Firm
Speaker Profile
Xinsong Chen is a partner of Sunshine Law Firm, the director of Natural Gas Business Department of Sunshine Law Firm, the researcher of ERE Center, the researcher of Energy Law Association of China Law Society. Mr. Chen used to serve as the legal counsel of Shanghai Gas Group, and is expert in the legal practice of the natural gas business field due to his rich work experience for over 10 years. Mr. Chen’s practice mainly focuses on natural gas industry chain and related energy sectors.
  • Background: The legal awareness of market participants and gas users has generally been improved, and different interest-related parties are emerging.
  • Case study.
  • Advices for gas companies on strengthening their legal risk prevention system of gas metering.
Smart Water Based on CLAA Technology
Weidong LI, IoT Product Director, ZTE CLAA Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Li Weidong has been dedicated to IT industry marketing & technology development for 23 years and specialized on service to fields as telecommunication, power, transportation, security & surveillance, radio & television as well as public service. He also has participated in several 863 Projects with achievements of many papers, patents and development of standards on telecommunication, radio & television. Now his research interests are architecture, solutions and application of IoT.
  • Brief introduction on CLAA, the CLAA technical system and relationship between LoRa &LoRaWAN;
  • Opportunities and challengesbefore urban gas supply industry;
  • Architecture and key technologies of CLAA;
  • Carrier-class IoT solution for gas supply based on CLAA technology
The Future of Intelligent Manufacture in Metering Industry Has Come
Jian WU, Vice President, Sichuan Fude Robot Co., Ltd
Speaker Profile
Mr. Wu once served in Shenzhen medical electronics and financial electronics companies, and has experience in embedded systems and industrial control system. He used to be in charge of product control system design of startups company. He is now the director and vice president of Sichuan Fude Robot, in charge of marketing.
  • Meter products in the view of equipment supplier;
  • Why intelligent manufacturing is necessary?
  • What kind of intelligent manufacturing is needed?
  • Differentiated intelligent manufacturing implementation plan;
  • Key points and difficulties of intelligent manufacturing in metering;
  • Constraints on intelligent manufacturing in metering;
  • Core technology and key equipment;
  • How to achieve intelligent manufacturing, products, equipment, capital;
  • Smart meter + intelligent manufacturing + Internet =?
A solution to Fund Shortage in Large-scale Intelligent Water Meter Replacement
Weihua XING, General Manager, China IoT Cooperative Organization Group
Speaker Profile
Mr. Xing, professional inventor, senior engineer, senior standardization engineer, senior quality engineer, is currently the GM and chief architect of China IoT Cooperative Organization Group.
Speech Briefing
This lecture provides a "finance leasing model", with innovative technology, and without changing the current circumstances, to achieve large-scale transformation. As a result, we can fundamentally solve the fund shortage problem of intelligent meter transformation.

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