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2017 China Power Interactive Metering, Distribution &Utilization Tech Conference
Program Outline
Day 1 June 21 (Wednesday)Main Session
08:50-09:00 Opening Ceremony & Welcome Address
Session 1: Key Technologies of Smart Metering
Integrated circuit breaker and meter to create a new situation of intelligent power
Qiang CHEN

Marketing Director, Nanjing Midan Electronic Information Co.,Ltd,
Speech outline:Extension from power supply to power use; Cases analysis: Grid construction(220KV Substation), Grid Marketing(External circuit breaker for electric meter), Grid operation and maintenance(95598 pre- detection), Power companies(electricity purchase forecast), Smart City(dark-line monitoring), Smart Home (residential power distribution ); Status of related smart products; New product achievement share.
Key technology of new energy photovoltaic data collection

Technology Manager, Energy Collection Business Department, LongShine Technology Co.,Ltd
Speech outline:Situation analysis of new energy photovoltaic data collection; Photovoltaic data collection requirements and related characters; Key technology and applied practice of photovoltaic data application; Prospect of new energy photovoltaic data collection technology application.
Electric power information collection platform based on plastic optical fiber

General Manager, Chengdu Handu Technology Co.,Ltd Chairman, Shenzhen Union Optical Communication Co. Ltd.
Speech outline:Existing problems and new requirements in electric power collection; Electric power information collection platform based on plastic optical fiber; Detailed introduction and technology comparison; Applied cases; Post extension functions of integrated multi-meter reading; Distribution automation and substation local communication applications.
10:30-11:00 Tea Break
Session 2: Metering Automation and Intellectualization
Key technology and equipment research of automatic detection of communication module
Xin LI

Metrology Center, State Grid Hu’nan Electric Power Company Commissioner of Indoor testing, three - phase energy meter verification and module testing
Speech Outline:Subject research background: Status of communication module quality management, Detection methods and field problems overview and modern marketing collection requirements. Subject research contents:Barcode technology application to communication modules; Research on complete sets of equipment of implementing module asset management / module automatic detection, including appearance detection, common indicators and functions testing, communication performance testing. Subject innovation:Shuttle wireless micropower module testing unit, Four separation of narrowband carrier module testing unit,Tilt appearance testing unit and adaptive flexible disc manipulator;Subject achievements and meanings: Implementing whole communication unit testing, Strengthening the quality control prospects, Broadband carrier module testing, Modules and electricity meterassembly automatically.
AMI and communication technology development
Chongbin GAO

AR/VR Technology application on power industries
Guangjun ZHAO
Vice General Manager

State Grid Information A Telecommunication Group Co. Ltd. Tianjin Puxun Electric Power Information Technology Co. Ltd.
Speech Outline:VR/AR technology development; VR/AR application on electricity industry( Smart metering and Power distribution ); VR/AR research environment; Typical application scenario research achievements; Future prospect of VR/AR technology.
12:30-14:00 Lunch Time
Session 3: Power Communication Technology and Application
IOT communication and power application
Yunfeng LI
Founder/ General Manager

China Power Telecommunication (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd.
Speech Outline:Combining IoT communication technology characters and power application requirements to achieve the power equipment application access, positioning, identification and family energy efficiency analysis, and taking full advantage of existing resources and reducing cost investment to achieve the purpose of sharing resources.
Broadband Carrier Communication Interconnection
Shanshan MAO
General Manager, Hardware R & D Center

Shenzhen Stare Grid Science and Technology communication Co. Ltd.
Speech outline: Promotion process of "Broadband carrier interconnection standard”;Interpretation on the new performance features of "new generation broadband carrier interconnection products"; Analysis of the problems faced by the power companies and product manufacturers during interconnection process;Prospects of "Broadband Carrier Interconnection Technology" applications.
Session 4: IoT+ and Big Data Application on Power Information Collection
Big data application on electric power information collection system
Jianmin ZHANG

Technology and Quality Inspection Director, Metrology Center State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company
Speech outline:Combined with the electric power information collection system construction and operation and maintenance of State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company in recent years,around the application cases of electric power information collection system data to introduce massive data collection management and application exploration in big data.
Electricity metering big data application
Lijiang LIANG, Vice Director of Pre- sale Department

Beijing ZhongdianPuhua Information and Technology Co. Ltd.
Speech outline:With the rapid development of information construction in power metering industry, how to give full play to the value of data assets is a question needed to overcome by power companies and related companies in the future. This speech will focus on related technology of metering big data application and business scenarios.

ZTE CLAA Press Release
17:40-18:30 Exhibition Activities
Day 2 June 22(Thursday)Main Session
Session 5: Smart Power Distribution& Utilization
Auto scheduling of low voltage distribution & utilization network
Kai LIU, Chief Engineer

ZhongguancunEnergy - Saving and New Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
Speech outline:Characters and operation questionsof low voltage distribution & utilizationnetwork; Economic operation of power distribution substation;Three - phase load unbalanced deployment;Line load deployment;Prospect of intelligent platform technology .
High voltage measurement application on smart power distribution network
Haoliang HU, Director of High Voltage Measurement Products Performance Testing Department

China Electric Power Research Institute
Speech outline:Application statue of high voltage measurement technology on distribution network;Application prospects of high voltage measurement technology on distribution network; Development and prospect
Key technology of digital metering accuracy and reliability
Min CAO, Technology Expert

China Southern Power Grid Company Limited
Yun’nan Electric Power Research Institute
Speech outline:Digital Traceability System and Key Technology;Overall Testing Techniques and Systems for Digital Metering Single Interval;Electronic Transformer Verification key technology and system; Overall WirelessStation Multi - interval Metering Simulation Test Technology and System.
10:30-11:00 Tea Break
IOT technology application and practice on electric power collection system
Jingjing YAN, Commissioner of quality inspection Dept, Metrology Center, Tianjin Power Research Institute, SGCC

State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company
Speech outline:Electric power information data of customers iswidelyused in power marketing, power grid operation, fault diagnosis and other fields. The amount of collection data, collection frequency, and collection reliability havefundamentalchanges.Whethertraditional power line carrier, small wireless, RS485 collection technology can meet the future applicationneedsor not, has become the focusquestion.NewIoT communication technology provides a more extensive application space for electric power informationcollection.Tianjin Electric Power Company applied the current IOT technology toelectric power information collection system construction.
Active electricity emergence repair basing on BPLC technology
Jun YE, Commissioner of Chongqing Metrology CenterTechnical Quality Laboratory

State Grid ChongqingElectric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute
Speech outline:BPLC technology has accumulated a lot of experience in the practical application in power companies recent years. Power Line IOT Group founded on May 19 by China Intelligent Measurement AlliancediscussedTechnical Specification for Low Voltage BPLCandapplication scenarios, implementation methods and improvement measures of Active electricity emergence repair basing on BPLC technology. Meantime, the group pointed out the research direction for futureActive electricity emergence repair basing on BPLC.
Interactive technology based on electricityand measurement
Shihai YANG, Vice Director of Measurement Center,

State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute
Speech outline:Discussion on interactive technology based on electricity and measurement, including interactive intelligent measurement technology of gird and user, interactive intelligent measurement technology based on internet technology for urban users and grid, interactive response mechanism and business model of grid and user.
12:30-14:00 Lunch Time
Session 6: System and Platform
Non-intrusive power monitoring technology and application scenarios
Wenpeng LUAN, Chief Expert of Smart Metering

China Electric Power Research Institute
Speech outline:Brief introduction to non - invasive power load monitoring technology; Working principle of non - invasive technology; Problem solved by non-invasive technology;development status of international non-invasive technology; implementing objects and application scenarios of non-invasive technology;services and advantages provided by non-invasive technology.
Distribution network business operation in there-discovery aspects of electricity data value
Weifeng CHEN, Vice General Manager

Hangzhou Shuyuan Information and Technology Co., Ltd
Speech outline:Incremental distribution network commercial operationproposed by power system reform isdependent on user electricity behavior and power quality deeply. As the current user measurement data is clearly unable to meet the needs, we should redefinethe product form and value positioning of power meter, and amplify the value gain of commercial data in the commercialization of distribution networks.
Re-position and consideration of metering industry under power reform environment
HuadongKONG, General Manager

Zhuhai Urban Construction Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd
Speech outline:Brief introduction of power reform environment; Energy revolution and newelectricity reform background and opportunity analysis; Revolution of concept, area and technology; Looking at metering industry:Position and consideration(Trends: policy to power reform, technology development support,current economic trends; Vision: energy interconnective platform; business model of application scenario: big data, supply and demand matching, price formation mechanism; IoT; platform prospects, link capacity, ecological system); Discussion on the industrial form from the Guangdong electricity reform practice(2016 reform pilot and breakout in power sales; 2017 inheritance, expansion and transition; Analysis on the electricity sales industry form).
Metering industry opportunities and challenges with development trends of energy Internet
Jincheng YANG, General Manager of Energy Internet Business Department

Trinal Solar
Speech outline: Based on the analysis of the energy industry trend and the power reforms ituation, this speech analyzes the innovative business model and core construction under the energy Internet trend, and analyzes metering industry opportunities and challenges.
16:00-16:20 Tea Break
Dialogue: Influence of Power Reform to Metering Industry
  • Challenges and opportunities for metering industry development
  • How does power utility improve competitiveness?
17:20-17:30 Closing of the conference
Day 3 June 23 (Friday)Field Visit
(Register separately)
The typical smart metering projects or factories including electricity, water and gas as well as IoT, big data in Wuxi shall be arranged after conference.
Co-located Event
2017 Water&Gas MeteringChina Conference
(June 21-22,Wuxi)
(The organizer holds the right to update the program without prior notice)

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