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Dear METERING China Members and Friends,
The brand new year 2017 is approaching! We wish you a Merry Christmas to 2016, and a prosperous Happy New Year to 2017!
2016 is the 1st year of the 13th China Five-Year Plan (13th FYP) and it is the time that Chinese government announced the overall plan for 13th five-year plan and prospected all industries of the country. For utilities of electricity, water, gas and heat, the goal by 2020 and annual objectives are very promising and encouraging, we gained a great success in 2016 and we are expecting an even greater progress in 2017!
Referring to the State’s statistics by the end of 2015, the urbanization rate of China had reached 56.1% which covering a total population of around 770 million people. Meanwhile, the country’s total number of households had increased to 650 million, which laid a strong foundation of the metering business development for the 13th Five Year Plan.
Electric Power Industry
The rollout of smart grids/smart metering during the past five years in China has made outstanding achievements. From 2016, China continued investing in smart grid related projects with more focuses on smart distribution and utilization fields. The total investment plan for the five years (2016-2020) will reach 330 billion USD for both smart grid including smart distribution segments, and 16 billion USD for totally around 60 - 80 million units of smart meters annually.
Moreover, in 2016 Chinese government announced the deregulation of the retailing market, which will bring a new booming period of electricity metering and billing businesses in the next five years.
Water Industry
Smart water metering has been dramatically deployed in the past five years in China with 15-20% growth rate annually of the total market demanding over 50 million units, about 20% of the total installation has been replaced by smart meters by the end of 2015. From 2016, driven by the national policy of “Deployment of Smart Water Management System in China Water Utilities”, the market of smart water metering is to be predicted with a growth rate of 25% annually as the most promising market in the coming years.
Natural Gas Industry
Natural Gas has been dramatically deployed and utilized in China urban areas with a growth rate of more than 30% annually in the past three years, and expected to reach annual total consumption of 400 billion cubic meters by year 2020, which is three times of the total consumption in 2015.
Gas metering, as the most outdated measurement tool in the past, it is welcoming a new development era in the coming years. Smart gas metering has been strongly encouraged and applied simply because of the implementation of ladder tariff in more than 25 Chinese cities right now in the country; the market will face strong demand with a growth rate of 25-30% annually in the coming years.
District Heating & Cooling Industry
The development path of heat metering market in China was not as smooth as expected in the past two years and it even had been slowing down. But, a national new policy was just announced by China State Council on 21st Feb 2016, brings very encouraging and positive news, which clearly defined that heat metering and billing implementation would be a MUST in all new and existing buildings. The market opportunities can be anticipated in year 2017. One new trend in the heat utility industry is district cooling, which has gained new attention of the industry in both north and south China.
In general, China’s metering market is still the biggest market in the global metering market. You WON’T forget it!
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Last but not least, we wish you a warm welcome back, and sincerely hope you pay attention to our 2017 Events, please scroll down to know more about GSL Events.
Best regards!
GSL Consultant Team/ METERING China
Upcoming International Conferences & Exhibitions
All members and friends are welcome!

26– 28 April 2017, Tai Yuan City, China
The 7th Heat Metering & Intelligent Grid International Conference & Exhibition (to be shorted as HEAT METERING 2017), an annual event providing a premier networking platform for leaders, executives and professionals from both China and global heat supply utilities, governmental departments, ministries, regulatory bodies as well as leading manufacturers/suppliers, and furnish in-depth analysis and discussions on strategies and insights that shape China current heating reform and metering/billing deployment as well as future direction.
Read More for details.
Registration must be Online or by Email.(English &Chinese language available)

China South Heating & Cooling Conference & Exhibition
10-11 May 2017 HEFEI, China
China South Heating & Cooling Conference & Exhibition an annual networking industry platform, specially designed for heating and cooling industry decision makers and professionals from China south and north regions, international markets, and enhancing networking and annual meeting to communicate the industry development today and tomorrow, as well as the market development trends and opportunities in the coming years. Read More for details.
Registration must be Online or by Email.(English &Chinese language available)

Power Distribution & Utilization Tech 2017 -
METERING China Inclusive
20-23June 2017, WUXI, China
China Distribution & Utilization Tech 2017 was extended from the past METERING China events, an annual networking platform focused on discussions and analysis of hot topics on smart electricity metering, billing, AMR/AMI, and customer-end topics as well smart power distribution topics. This leading event has its eleventh edition in 2017, and aims at audience from China and global power utilities, governmental departments, ministries, regulatory bodies, leading manufacturers and suppliers.
Read More for details.
Registration must be Online or by Email.(English &Chinese language available)
Co-located Events

20-23 June, 2017, WUXI, China
Water & Gas Metering China 2017 is the eleventh edition, with a focus on smart water and smart gas metering, billing, AMR/AMI related industry today and tomorrow. As China water & gas utilities are driven by China central government in deploying smart operation and management systems, smart metering market is booming right now. This leading event provides excellent networking opportunities for all related professionals. Read More for details.
Registration must be Online or by Email.(English &Chinese language available)

Smart Metering / Smart Utility / Smart Energy
International to China Trade Mission 2017
17 – 24 June 2017 Shanghai & Wuxi, China

For Electricity/Water/Gas Utility
Leaders & Professionals
Programs Worth Attending
Smart Metering / Smart Utility / Smart Energy China Trade Mission 2017
A specially designed program for the international governmental agencies, utility buyers, leaders and executives from investment and trade organizations:
 Governmental procurement group organizations from country/provincial/city level infrastructure administrative, planning, construction & engineering and general contracting departments.
 Group buyers from power grid companies, distribution utilities and retailing companies, energy service companies as well as all renewable potential users.
 Sellers/Marketers/Dealers plan to seek Chinese manufacturers as potential partner for local market for: all smart energy/utility/metering related products, components, parts, software or hardware design solutions or services.
 Complete meter manufacturers and system integrators plan to buy components, parts or technology partners from China. Investors – for Joint venture, OEM and ODM partnership in local market.
For detailed available programs, please email to event@meteringchina.com
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