Dear Customers,
We are pleased to inform you that we will be exhibiting at upcoming 7th INT’L SMART GRID EXPO, held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. It is our honor to invite you to our booth and share the specific details about our consulting and event services.
At our booth, we will be exhibiting the following services.
Report 1
China Smart Power Grid & Metering Market Report
First Release 2017
This is the latest released report about China smart power grid and smart electricity metering market, an absolute comprehensive and in-depth describing and analyzing report for international executives who are dealing in Chinese power grid and metering related market. It features the overall analysis with charts, tables, texts and makes the report easier to understand from specific market segments, product segments, market prices, and competition analysis etc.
Report 2
China Smart Water & Metering Market Report
First Release 2017
The report provides you the overall description of Chinese smart water and water metering development in the past five years, meanwhile offers you the latest changes and insights for the next five year plan and opportunities. Especially about the deployment path of smart water systems and smart water metering nationwide.
Report 3
China Smart Gas & Metering Market Report
First Release 2017
This report offers you the general picture of China gas industry development now and future . Meanwhile it also provides you in-depth analysis and insights of China gas meter market development now and next five years, including clear explanation on smart gas and smart gas metering deployment in Chinese market.
Report 4
China Heat Metering Market Report
First Release 2017
This report offers you the general description about China district heating development in the past years, heat supply industry reform progress and heat metering and billing situation right now. Meanwhile it also analyze the heat metering industry challenges facing, the driving factors for future deployment and what the government is doing for the next five years.
Besides the above standard market reports, we also provide customized market research and consulting services as per your expectation and requirement.
Please send us your request by email to or call: 0086 10 6800 3684
Meanwhile, we will also exhibit the following annual industry events:
Upcoming International Conferences & Exhibitions in China

26– 28 April 2017, Tai Yuan City, China
The 7th Heat Metering & Intelligent Grid International Conference & Exhibition (shorted as HEATMETERING 2017), an annual event providing a premier networking platform for leaders, executives and professionals from both China and global heat supply utilities, governmental departments, ministries, regulatory bodies as well as leading manufacturers/suppliers, and furnish in-depth analysis and discussions on strategies and insights that shape China current heating reform and metering/billing deployment as well as future direction.

China South District Heating & Cooling
International Conference & Exhibition 2017
10-12 May 2017 HEFEI, China
South China District Heating & Cooling International Conference & Exhibition 2017, an annual networking industry platform specially designed for heating and cooling industry decision makers and professionals from China south and North regions, international market as well as to network and meeting annually to communicate the industry development today and tomorrow, the market development trends and opportunities in the coming years.

Power Distribution & Utilization Tech 2017 -
METERING China Inclusive
22-24June 2017, WUXI, China
China Distribution & Utilization Tech 2017 was extended from the past METERING China events, an annual networking platform focused on discussions and analysis of hot topics on smart electricity metering, billing, AMR/AMI, customer-end topics and smart power distribution topics. This leading event has its eleventh edition in 2017, and aims at audience from both China and global power utilities, governmental departments, ministries, regulatory bodies, leading manufacturers and suppliers.

22-24 June, 2017, WUXI, China
Water & Gas Metering China 2017 is the eleventh edition, with a focus on smart water and smart gas metering, billing, AMR/AMI related industry today and tomorrow. As China water & gas utilities are driven by China central government in deploying smart operation and management systems, smart metering market is booming right now. This leading event provides excellent networking opportunities for all related professionals.

China Business Study Tour Programs Available

For Electricity/Water/Gas/Heat Utility Professionals
Programs Worth Attending
Smart Metering Partnerships & Opportunities Study Tours 2017
A specially designed series program for the following international companies and leaders:
 Buyers from utilities (water, gas, electricity and heat), complete meter makers, system integrators, traders, agencies or distributors.
 Sellers or Marketers plan to find Chinese partners: all related meter products, components, parts, software or hardware design solutions or services.
 Investors – for JV, WOFE, OEM and ODM partnership.
 Consultants helping international giants seeking Chinese partners or suppliers.
 Companies who want to establish a network with Chinese manufacturers.
And more…..
For us to prepare a proposal dedicated to your company, kindly let us know your requests and convenient date & time for an appointment at our booth by replying this email.
We would be delighted if you could arrange your schedule and take the opportunity to visit our booth. We look forward to hearing from you.
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