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Skipping Stone(US)Announces Alliance with GSL Consulting(China)
SHANGHAI, China–May 3, 2017 –Skipping Stone, a global energy markets consulting and technology services firm, announced today an alliance agreement with GSL Consulting, a Chinese marketing and research firm in China. Under the agreement,GSL Consulting and Skipping Stone will partner toprovide GSL clients services in North America provided in partnership with Skipping Stone, andprovide Skipping Stone services in China provided by GSL Consulting.
The first two initiatives between the companies are already underway. One initiative is a market research study for Chinese energy companies to determine demand and interest in U.S. energy technologies. The other initiative is to invite U.S. smart grid technology providers to see the opportunities in China while attending the GSL Consulting conference METERING China 2017 &Trade Mission 2017 held during June 17 – 24, 2017 in Shanghai & Wuxi.
“These are the first steps of a more intensive collaboration between Skipping Stone and GSL Consulting in China, opening opportunities for Chinese businessesin the U.S. as well as U.S. business opportunities in China,” said GSL Consulting President James Lau.
According to both consulting companies, they intend to jointly develop integrated media and advisory services to help Chinese companies participate in North America and for Americans to develop opportunities in China. The inaugural launch with core communications will be discussed in an upcoming webinar in both the U.S. and in China, explaining how the alliance can benefit clients globally.
Skipping Stone and GSL Consulting Alliance
“We are excited to have this alliance with GSL Consulting,” said Skipping Stone Chairman and CEO Peter Weigand, “because the opportunities in China for energy solutions and technologies is enormous andhaving a partnership with GSL will add value for our clients.”
“Together we provide world-class research organizations, strategy and innovation services that help bridge relationship and market access gaps between China and the U.S.” said Mr. Lau.
About GSL Consulting
GSL Consulting Ltd, founded in 2002, positions itself as a key strategic information, event development and advisory service provider to utility metering, meter to cash and customer-end technology sectors and as an insider in Chinese utility industries. The company has a focus on the electricity, water, gas and heat utility market segments in the energy industry and is recognized for its leading events and print magazines. The Asian market-leading brand names include: GSL Events, Metering China and Heat Metering. For more information, visit
About Skipping Stone
Skipping Stone is an energy markets consulting firm that helps clients navigate market changes, capitalize on opportunities and manage business risks. Our services include market assessment, strategy development, strategy implementation, managed services, technology selection, technology implementation, project management and talent management. Our sector focus areas are natural gas and power markets, demand response, technology services, renewable energy, and distributed energy resources. Skipping Stone’s model of deploying energy industry veterans has delivered measurable bottom-line results for over 270 clients globally. Headquartered in Boston, the firm has regional offices in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London. For more information, visit or