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The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully ended by October 2017 and the Chinese top leadership’s call for sustainable development and green economic growth has boosted investor sentiment toward environmental-friendly business sectors. Green development has become one of the five development concepts outlined by the Country along with innovation, coordination, opening-up and sharing. It has been obvious in China that green energy development including electricity, water, gas, heat, from generation to consumption, have been listed on the top to be transformed which are significant to ensuring energy security and optimizing energy structure in China.
Electricity - Smart Metering, Smart Distribution & Renewable Energy
Renewable energy (Wind and Solar) have been greatly promoted in China recent years and China is taking the lead in PV and solar development as well as making great contribution to China energy transformation, which have led to the fast development and application of electricity substitute products including electricity storage, heating and EVs etc.
In the smart grid and metering market, since 2016 China has put more focus on smart distribution and utilization application fields. The total investment plan for the 13th five year plan (2016-2020) will reach 330 billion USD for both smart grid including smart distribution/utility segments, and 16 billion USD for total around 50 - 80 million units of smart meters annually including renewal and new installations. Meanwhile, Chinese government announced in 2016 the deregulation of the retailing market, which has led a big increase of retailing companies and new requirement of metering and billing technologies in the coming years.
Water – Smart Water Metering and System
Smart water metering has been deployed in the past five years in China with 20% growth rate annually, of the total market demand annually about 20% of the total installation has been replaced by smart meters. From 2016, driven by the national policy of “Deployment of Smart Water Management System in China Water Utilities”, the market of smart water metering is foreseen to have a growth rate of 25% annually which is regarded as the most promising market in the coming years.
Gas - Smart Gas Metering and System
Natural Gas has been dramatically developed and utilized in China urban areas with a growth rate of more than 30% annually in the past four years, and expected to reach annual total consumption of 400 billion cubic meters by year 2020, which is three times of the total consumption in 2015.
Gas metering, as the most outdated measurement tool in the past, is welcoming a new development era in the coming five years. Smart gas metering has been strongly encouraged by the Government and applied by the utilities simply because of the implementation of ladder tariff in more than 25 Chinese cities right now in the Country. The market will face strong demand in the coming years with a growth rate of 25-30% annually.
Heating & Cooling - Metering, Intelligent Grid & Clean Heating
The deployment of heat metering and billing in Chinese heat utilities was again emphasized two times in the Country‘s new published energy policies in 2017, which brought very encouraging and positive news, and the two policies clearly defined that heat metering and billing implementation are a MUST in all new and existing buildings. A strong market demand of heat metering and billing installation has been appeared in more than six provinces and autonomous cities in 2017, they are: Shandong, Hebei, Gansu, Shanxi, Henan, Tianjin and Beijing. Meanwhile, heat metering & billing deployment are also strongly driven by the initiatives of heat utilities to build intelligent grid and smart heating/cooling systems with clean energy or multi-energy complement.
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