The annual leading utility industry event METERING China Conference & Exhibition 2018, organized by the Publisher METERING China Print & Digital, was successfully closed in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China on April 27, 2018.

This metering-based event has come to its 12th edition by 2018 since 2007, and has expanded its market coverage from smart electricity metering to water/gas metering, smart grid (electricity/water/gas) operation and management, smart components/parts, ICT, big data, IOT, block chain and networking technologies as well as AI applications in the utilities. With more than 10 years accumulation in customer network, database and industry influence in Chinese utility and energy industry, this event has been regarded as the most-worthy-attend industry event in China.     

This fascinating conference and innovative technology driven exhibition, with the enriched content from the 60+ VIP speakers from both local and international market, and strong support from the 30+ event sponsors and 10+ industry supporting medias and associations, attracted more than 600 industry leaders and professional attendees from China and nearly 20 overseas countries to participate. The speakers shared in-depth market analysis, insights and opinions about the utility industry today and tomorrow, also furnished the updates and valuable information about the latest deployment and innovative technologies in the smart metering market of all electricity, water and gas utilities, as well as the latest changes that the energy transformation is bringing to the market. For detailed information and documents about METERING China 2018, please visit METERINGChina Conference & Exhibition 2018 Closing Announcement .

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Entering into the 13th Five Year Plan (2016 - 2020) in China, China has become the biggest market place for deployment and installation of smart metering and smart grid in all sectors of electricity, water, gas and heat utilities, which are attractive to international vendors, meanwhile China has also become the global leader in complete metering product manufacturing and export capability, which are also bringing extensive and effective selection opportunities to international buyers and partners.

METERING CHINA, owned by GSL Consulting Ltd. China, being an exclusive leading print & digital publisher in Chinese utility metering industry, has experienced 16 years of professional accumulation, featured and recognized as the only high-end publication with both print and electronic, covering and integrating all four fields of Chinese metering industries of electricity/water/gas/heat, and possesses tens of thousands of online & offline readers of China and global countries.

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