State Grid Is Stepping Up the Construction of Multi - Meters - in - One Information Collection System
According to statistics from the State Grid Information & Telecommunication Group, 15 electricity companies in Beijing, Tianjin, Jibei, He'nan, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Hu'nan, Jilin, and Xinjiang have deployed the Multi - Meters(electricity, water, gas and heat) - in - One Information Collection System. Multi - Meters - in - One can achieve trend analysis, ladder analysis, and peak- valley analysis of energy use in the whole society, maximize the value of resource utilization, improve the efficiency of meter reading, and provide one-stop charge service for residents.
Export Rebate Rate of Water & Gas Meter Will Increase to 16%
On September 5, in order to perfect the export rebate policy, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued Notice on Increasing Export Rebate Rate of Electromechanical And Cultural Products which clearly stated that the export rebate rate of water and gas meter will increase to 16% from September 15, 2018.
Output and Circulation of Southern Power Grid Chip has been more than 60 million pieces
According to report, the cumulative output and circulation of smart electricity meter security chips developed by the China Southern Power Grid Research Institute has been more than 60 million pieces with 99.99% yield rate. As Southern Power Grid Chip can fully meet the demand for security chips in smart meter full coverage construction, China Southern Power Grid Corporation will achieve 100% coverage of smart meters and low-voltage centralized reading this year. It is reported that the China Southern Power Grid Research Institute is accelerating the research on the second generation high security metering security chips and distribution network security chips with the features of high security classification, multi-algorithm, high speed, large storage, multi-function, and easy to expand.
Ningbo"Small Water Meter"landed in Europe Firstly
Recently, Ningbo Donghai Group's volumetric water meter successfully passed the EU certification, and also won the order of 500,000 volumetric water meters from the Belgian National Water Company among the European water meter leaders, setting a precedent for Chinese water meter enterprises to enter the European market. This batch of water meters with the logo of "ZHEJIANG MADE"will be shipped to Belgium quickly. The success not only leverages the European water meter market, but also encourages Chinese enterprises to upgrade technology and optimize management to drive the transformation and upgrading of Ningbo water meter industry chain.
The State Council Issued Several Opinions on Promoting Coordinated and Stable Development of Natural Gas
On September 5, the State Council issued Several Opinions on Promoting Coordinated and Stable Development of Natural Gas, which mainly includes strengthening the efforts in domestic exploration and development, perfecting the diversified overseas supply system of natural gas, intensifying the construction and interconnection of natural gas infrastructure, establishing comprehensive coordination mechanism of natural gas development, improving the demand side management and peak-shaving mechanism, building the natural gas supply emergency system, and rationalizing the natural gas price mechanism.
Shandong Province Issued Notice on the Winter Clean Heating Plan
At the end of August, People's Government of Shandong Province issued the Notice on the Shandong Winter Clean Heating Plan (2018-2022), which stated that by 2020, the average clean heating rate will reach 70%, and will reach more than 80% by 2022 . It is expected to enhance the clean heating capacity, optimize the energy structure, improve energy efficiency level, cut down pollutant emission, concentrate basic urban heating, diversify village and town heating, and form a clean heating market with fairness, multi-industry, and high service levels.
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