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Alibaba Cloud Released China First LoRa MAN Trial Commercial Project
This March, Alibaba Cloud announced the cooperation with China Unicom and Semtech to release China first LoRa MAN (metropolitan area network) trial commercial project in the Computing Conference 2018. This project contains low-power life scenes including fire fighting, metering, door magnetism and parking covering main city of Hangzhou and Ningbo. At the application level, Alibaba carried out LoRaWAN experiment in own business scenes with one million LoRaWAN connection of start applications. What’s more, Alibaba Park will be managed through LoRaWAN, even urban area.

Ministry of Industry And Information Technology Adjusted Frequency Usage Plan for 230MHz Frequency Band
On September 28, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology adjusted frequency usage plan for 230MHz frequency band used by narrowband wireless system of electricity and water department, which clarified 223-226MHz and 229-233MHz frequency band for TDD broadband systems use and 226-228/233-235MHz and 228-229 MHz frequency band for narrowband systems use, to ensure frequency resource required by grid companies to construct a new generation of dedicated broadband wireless system, to improve frequency use efficiency and effectiveness, and to support construction and development of energy Internet in China. It is expected that this broadband wireless system will cover most of China, connecting more than 700 million smart electricity meters and generating direct economic benefit over ¥100 billion.

NB-IoT Terminal Product Test Laboratory Was Unveiled Officially
On September 27, the NB-IoT Terminal Product Test Laboratory jointly established by Ningbo Water Meter and China Telecommunication Technology Labs was unveiled officially. In order to control factory quality of NB-IoT terminal products, Ningbo Water Meter and China Telecommunication Technology Labs developed cooperative project on NB-IoT water meter test including formulating NB-IoT water meter related enterprise standards and establishing NB-IoT Terminal Product Test Laboratory to provide standards and methods for factory quality control of NB-IoT batch terminal products and quality test of NB-IoT modules and wireless transceivers.

Zhejiang Made Standard - Wireless Remote Diaphragm Gas Meter (Revised Draft) Was Approved
Recently, Zhejiang Made Standard - Wireless Remote Diaphragm Gas Meter (Revised Draft) led by Zhejiang Province Institute of Metrology and Hangzhou Innover Technology Co. Ltd. was approved. This standard will promote technology development of wireless remote diaphragm gas meter in Zhejiang province, and improve overall quality and international competitiveness of wireless remote diaphragm gas meter, and enhance the brand image of "Zhejiang Made".

Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission Issued Winter Clean Heating Plan
On September 11, Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission issued the Autonomous Region Winter Clean Heating Plan, which required that the clean heating rate will reach 50% by 2019, and 70% by 2021. The plan stated that all new users use efficient heating equipment to vigorously implement energy-saving renovation projects for existing residential buildings, and all heating sources are used according to local conditions to accelerate the promotion of clean coal-fired central heating, to orderly develop natural gas and renewable energy heating, to actively develop electric heating, and to do industrial waste heat recovery heating sequentially.

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