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Dec. Edition 2018
Dear Utility Industry Leaders and Friends,
The China International Import Expo (CIIE) was successfully ended by November 2018. CIIE was the world's first import expo held at the national level, an innovation in the history of global trade. It is an important decision made by China to pursue a new round of high-level opening-up, and is China's major initiative to still widen market access to the rest of the world. It demonstrates China's consistent position of supporting the multilateral trading system and promoting free trade. It is a concrete action by China to advance an open world economy and support economic globalization.
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METERINGChina Conference & Exhibition 2019
1-4 April 2019 Wuxi, China
Smart Utility & Metering | Electricity/Water/Gas

Greener Heating International Conference &
Exhibition 2019

23-26 April 2019 Xi'an, China
Heat Metering Smart HeatClean Heating

International to China Trade Mission 2019
21 –27 April 2019 Beijing & Xi'an, China
Smart HeatHeat MeteringClean Energy Heating

Clean Energy Heating International Symposium & Expo 2019
25-26 June 2019 Zhangjiakou, China
All RenewableCleaner Heating

China South Heating & Cooling Conference &
Exhibition 2019
18-20 September 2019 Hefei, China
District Heating/CoolingRenewable/Clean Heating

IoT Metering User Conference 2019
November 2019 Venue TBC

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai on 5 Nov. 2018.
Electricity Metering Market, during the past years, China (including China State Grid & South China Power Grid) had installed totally more than 460 million units of smart meters. It is predicted that in the coming five years total 280 million units more to be installed for new installation and renewal in total.
Meanwhile, Chinese government announced the deregulation of the retailing market, which led a big growth of retailing companies and new requirement to metering and billing technologies in the coming years. More, related market segments for smart distribution/utilization, EV facilities etc. are also attractive and encouraging.
Water Metering Market, smart water metering has been deployed in the past five years in China with 20+% growth rate annually, of the total installation annually about 20% has been replaced by smart meters. From 2016, driven by the national policy of "Deployment of Smart Water Management System & Smarter Cities", the market deployment of smart water metering is foreseen to have an annual growth rate of 25-30% and total market demand will reach 150 million units of smart water meters in the coming five years. Water metering has been regarded as the most promising market in China utility market.

Gas Metering Market, natural gas has been dramatically developed and utilized in China urban areas with growth rate of more than 30% annually in the past five years. It is expected to reach annual total consumption of 400 billion cubic meters by 2020, which is three times of the total consumption in 2016. Gas metering, as the most traditional measurement tool in the past, is facing a new development era in the coming five years. Smart gas metering has been strongly encouraged by the Government and applied by the utilities because of the implementation of ladder tariff in more than 25 Chinese cities right now in the Country and the requirement of smart gas system construction. Predicted that the market will face strong demand in the coming years with a growth rate of 25-30% annually.

Heating & Cooling - Metering, Intelligent Grid & Clean Heating
The deployment of heat metering and billing in Chinese heat utilities was again emphasized two times in the Country 's new published energy policies in 2018, which brought very encouraging and positive news, and the two policies clearly defined that heat metering and billing implementation are a MUST in all new and existing buildings. A strong market demand of heat metering and billing installation has been appeared in more than six provinces and autonomous cities in 2018, they are: Shandong, Hebei, Gansu, Shanxi, Henan, Tianjin and Beijing. Meanwhile, heat metering & billing deployment are also strongly driven by the initiatives of heat utilities to build intelligent grid and smart heating/cooling systems with clean energy or multi-energy complement.
In general, you CAN’T afford to forget
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China has the biggest manufacturing and supplying base,
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