AMRChina 2007 International Symposium & World Class AMR System Product Display, the FIRST International Symposium Focusing on AMR Development in China Electricity, Water and Gas Utilities, organized by GSL Consulting China, was successfully ended on November 15, 2007 at Fragrant Hill Hotel, Beijing, China.
Overview of AMRChina 2007 International Symposium
AMRChina 2007 International Symposium was taking place during 13 and 15 November 2007 at Fragrant Hill Hotel, Beijing, China. This event was taking an in-depth look at the latest AMR system technology development, industry polices and regulations, AMR system related standards and protocols, key utility developments and strategies, China and international AMR case analysis and system solutions shaping Chinese AUTOMATIC METER READING market in the Chinese electricity, water and gas industries today and tomorrow.

This event attracted around 200 organizations and more than 580 attendees from over 20 countries. The general attendee analysis are indicated as below:

Program Highlights
  • The International Symposium featured 8 Symposium sessions (including pre-symposium session and opening ceremony, as well as invited total 29 senior industry speakers from both China and international AMR circles. Of the total, 15 speakers were from Chinese utilities and regulators. The detailed speaking materials are available now for registered delegates.
  • The World-class AMR System Product Display:attracted more than 28 exhibitors from both Chinese and international AMR market to present their latest AMR technologies and system solutions.
  • China AMR Market Study Touroffered a great opportunity to delegates from Japan and South Africa to have one-on-one meetings with Chinese AMR experts, and AMR system field visits with first-hand information.
Speaking Chinese Regulator, Utilities, Technology Authorities and Associations
State Regulator:
  • State Quality & Technology Supervisory Bureau, China
Chinese Utilities:
  • State Power Grid Corp of China
  • Guangxi Provincial Power Company
  • Guangdong Zhuhai Power Company
  • Jiangsu Provincial Power Company
  • Tianjin Municipal Power Company
  • Heilongjiang Provincial Power Company
  • Beijing Water Group
  • Shanghai Water Group
  • Hangzhou Water Group
  • Tianjin Water Group
  • Beijing Natural Gas Group
Industry Associations:
  • China Natural Gas Association
Technology Authority
  • China State Electric Power Research Institute
Speaking International Utilities, Supporting Organizations, Industry Experts
  • Enel Distribution S. P. A, Italy
  • Hong Kong & China Gas Investment Ltd HK
  • Zigbee Alliance ¨C Mambo Technology
  • Cognyst Advisors LLC, USA
  • Capgemini Consulting
  • BRJ Consulting, Switzerland
Speaking Chinese and International Leading Suppliers
  • Advanced Digital Design S. A, Spain
  • Aradtech, Isreal
  • Beijing Swirling Technology Co. Ltd. China
  • Beijing FUXINGXIAOCHENG. China
  • Shenzhen Friendcom Telecom Co. China
  • Guangdong KGE C. Ltd. China
  • Robulink Technology, China
  • Ningbo Water Meter Company, China
  • Wasion Meters Group, China
  • Weiwei Technology, China
Highlights of The World-class AMR System Product Display
Total 30 Chinese and international leading companies presented their latest AMR related products and technologies during the three-day Product Display. The list of the exhibited companies as following:
  • Analog Devices Inc.
  • Aradtec-Represented by Asia Group
  • Beijing Fuxingxiaocheng Electronic Technology
  • Beijing Gulf Intelligent Instruments
  • Beijing Xinhongji Reaching Technology
  • Cixi City Sanchao Electric Meter Factory
  • Hangzhou Meteronic Technology
  • Hangzhou Pax-Hualong Electronic Technology
  • Metering International China Edition
  • Miartech (Shanghai)
  • Robulink Technology
  • Shanghai Sunray Technology
  • Shenzhen Friendcom Telecom
  • Shenzhen G&T Industrial Development
  • Shenzhen Techrise Electronics
  • South Electric Power Science & Technology Development
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Swirling Technology
  • Tech-Link T & E
  • Wasion Meters Group
  • Yitran Communications
  • Zhejiang CHINT Instrument & Meter
  • Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic
Scope of Subjects Covered During the Three Days Symposium
  • China latest policies and regulations on AMR system development
  • Chinese utility strategies and insights on AMR deployment
  • Current AMR system standard development status in China
  • Current most advanced data acquisition solutions from China and International market
  • Various latest communication technologies ¨C PLC, Wireless (including Zigbee)
  • Widened scope AMR/AMI/AMM discussion and additional features enabled by two way real-time data communication for better customer services
  • Chinese Utility operation management and AMR project management experiences
  • Latest global AMR great projects and metering development review
  • International case analysis and investment analysis on great AMR projects
Through the three-day expert level discussion and experience exchange, we are aware that under the country environment of fast growing economy in China£¬driven by current China and international energy policies£¬as well as the needs of the whole industry modernization and standardization construction and gradually matured various telecommunication & information technologies, the metering industry in China electricity, water and gas utilities will move no doubt forward to ¡°smart¡± and ¡°systematic¡±. Chinese utilities will not only concern about the accuracy and technical parameters of a single meter product, but also care more about the meter park systematic operation and standardization management, operation cost reduction, revenue protection, in order to increase the economic and social benefits.

Meanwhile, it has been realized that the event has brought updated and valuable industry information and knowledge from both domestic and international AMR experts, leaders, both utilities and vendors, into Chinese AMR market. This will surely bring great impact to the future improvement of the AMR market.

More, as the attraction of the business potential in the Chinese AMR market, we felt that more metering players from both China and International market are shifting their focus to AMR. We strongly believe that it is vital for players to better understand customer needs, market conditions and market trends in this new market, and be alert to the competition in the same time.

We are delighted that we have obtained positive feedback from all participants about the content of the AMRChina 2007 international symposium. Meanwhile we are confident to do better in next October, 2008.

By this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all sponsors, exhibitors and participants for their strong support and cooperation.

Wish you a prosperous business year and a greater success in 2008

Sincerely Yours
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The Second AMRChina International Symposium 2008
The Second International Symposium Focusing
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October 2008 Dalian China
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