The following products are encouraged to exhibit at Greener Heating China 2018.
  • Metering, AMR & Data Management
    Various types of heat meters, Heat meter components/parts and semiconductors, Smart heat metering technologies, AMR & AMI system solutions, Communication modules and infrastructure, Meter test and inspection equipment, Data management technologies, Meter asset management system.
  • Billing/CIS/CRM/Intelligent Grid/Smart Heat
    Billing systems, Call center services, CRM systems, Customer information systems, Collection systems, Smart heat supply system and solution, Energy efficiency and saving management, Energy Service Solutions.
  • Clean Heating Technologies
    Gas burners and boilerswaste heat boilers, gasification furnace, built-in exchange boiler.Electric-heat storage boilers, electro-thermal membrane,electric floor heating, electric heaters etc.Air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, water source heat pump, double source heat pump and other heat pump product.Gas wall hanging furnace, water distributor, heating special hot water pipe, boiler electric control cabinet, mobile water heating. lean heating product as well as clean equipment for coal burning and burners.
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