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Brief Introduction

Qingdao has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. A harmonious picture of mountains, sea and city is painted in which one can see the winding coastline, islands and beautiful buildings whose red-roofs are held in the embrace of verdant trees. Many of the European-style buildings used to be home to many famous figures.
Qingdao is famous in China for its delicious fresh seafood. The Laoshan Scenic Area has an important position in sightseeing because of its beautiful scenery, natural pearls and exquisite crafts. Qingdao beer (Tsingtao beer), a popular beer brand in the world, is produced in Qingdao, allowing tourists to easily get the freshest Qingdao Beer in Qingdao.

Places of interests
Zhanqiao Pier:
Zhanqiao Pier, built in 1891, is the symbol of Qingdao. After several restorations, from being a simple military harbor, it is now open to tourists. The pier is 440 meters long. There is an octagonal pagoda of distinctive Chinese style, called “ Huilan Pagoda”, at the end of the pier. From the top, tourists can fully view the Maganificent Sea. Along the shore is the beautiful Pier Park, which is a pleasant and quiet place for tourists to rest or enjoy the scenery of Little Qingdao Island and its white tower.
Beautiful Seashore Boardwalk
The construction of a seashore boardwalk is one of the key project to be completed before the 2008 Olympic Games. The boardwalk is a beautiful scenery route along the coast. Starting from Tuandao in the west, the 40-km-long sidewalk stretches to the ShiLaoRen (Old Stone Man) Holiday Resort in the east. Traversing the downtown of Qingdao and the High Tech Industrial Park, the boardwalk passes many roads along the coast, including Qutangxia Rd., Taiping Rd., Nanhai Rd.,Huiquan Rd., Shanhaiguan Rd., Huanghai Rd., Taipingjiaoyi Rd., and Donghai Rd. People can enjoy extremely beautiful coastal scenery along the boardwalk.
Little Qingdao Island:
Whose shape is like an ancient violin is also called "violent Isle". Germany built the white lighthouse on the isle at the beginning of this century. Its light reflected on the sea makes quite a spectacle at night so much so that it has become known as "floating light of Isle".
Laoshan Scenic Area
The Laoshan Scenic Area is one of China’s first major scenic resorts to receive the approval of the State Council. It holds an important position in Qingdao’s tourism industry. The acceleration of its natural landscape development and improved access to its cultural facilities is an important component of the city's Olympic endeavors. Major tourist spots include the Laoshan Kangcheng Academy, the Jufeng Scenic Area and Nine Waters& Eighteen Pools.
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