Based on our industrial analysis and past experience, we expect that more than 200 organizations and 800-1000 leaders and professionals from both China and international clean heat, heat supply, metering utility industries will participate in this event:
  • General management for planning and strategy development.
  • Directors for operations, billing, and data management.
  • Managers/directors for information systems, rate structures and service deliveries.
  • Managers/directors for real estate management.
  • Project managers and risk managers.
  • Heat supply and control managers.
  • All cross-functional personnel interested in the field of advanced metering and data management.
  • Managers for demand side management.
  • Managers for control systems.
  • Regulatory commissions and their staff.
  • Legislators and their staff.
  • System technical engineers.
  • Metering and billing service managers.
  • Energy service providers.
  • System researchers & developers.
  • Heat meters manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Accessory suppliers for heat meters manufacturers.
  • Various components and parts suppliers.
  • From Heat Meter Manufacturers, Components and Parts Suppliers
    CTOs, Chief Engineers, Technology Directors, Technology Deputy General Managers, Technology Management Executives, R & D Managers, Engineering Managers, Hardware / software Engineers, Technology Application Engineers, Project Managers, Product Purchase and Decision Makers.
  • From Regional Metrological Institutes
    Meter testing, examination, inspection and check personnel.
  • From Heat Utilities
    Meter check, testing and calibration staff, installation and maintenance engineers, service engineers.
  • Professionals from district heating and cooling project management and operation centers.
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