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Conference background:
Under the international background of energy conservation and emission reduction, smart energy metering for water, electricity, gas and heat has been in the irresistible trend. In November 2010, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC issued < Energy Metrological Supervision and Administrative Method>, which encourages supervision departments to promote implementation of energy measuring instruments with AMR and smart network functions. In the meantime, the conception of “smart energy” is pushing forward development of smart energy network application in public utilities, which indicates that the time of smart energy metering in public utilities is coming. In order to complete energy information collection, transmission & automatic monitoring and smart management, AMR/AMI system deployments are the basic and crucial conditions.
As to AMR system, China has begun study, pilot testing and small scaled applications since the 1980s. AMR has improved meter reading, billing and management in some degree, However the building and promotion of AMR/AMI system involves many majors and technologies covering machinery, electronic, communications, IT, software and internet of things and personnel involvement from different departments in public utilities. It is new requirement and challenge for the operation and management model in the public utility organization. Besides the fast deployment in electricity metering industry, water, gas and heat metering industries are just in start-up stage. Meanwhile, the emerging AMR/AMI system solution providers are pushing public utilities to boosting implementation of AMR/AMI systems. It is predicted that over the next five years, AMR/AMI market is expected to enter the golden period of development.
The 4th AMRChina & Energy Efficiency Management International Symposium, taking place during 1 - 3 November 2011 in Beijing, China, is specially designed to focus on AMR/AMI system technology development and applications in utility industries (water, electricity, gas, and heat) and high energy consumption enterprises and energy efficiency management techniques as well as upgrades. The following key sessions are designed to provide you fresh information and key strategic insights on the latest technologies and trends shaping Chinese utility AMR development now and future.
Highlights of programs:
  • Energy metering, AMR and Energy Efficiency Management
  • AMR in high energy consumption enterprises
  • AMR/AMI under the background of Internet of Things
  • AMR in heat metering industry
  • Field visit----Smart home project with AMR in water, gas, electricity…
  • ……
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