AMRChina2009 International Symposium and Innovation Exposition
Closing Announcement

AMRChina 2009, the 3rd Annual International Symposium & Innovation Exposition focusing on the AMR/AMI development in Electricity, Water, and Gas industries was ended on September 17 2009 in Shanghai Huating Hotel & Towers. Organized by GSL Consulting Ltd. China, the leading event, gathered over 600 professionals from nearly 150 agencies of governments, organizations and companies to find their great interest and opportunities in China¡¯s big potential AMR/AMI markets. More detailed summaries are given below to show the features and highlights of the event.

Highlights of AMRChina 2009 Symposium

The 2-day AMRChina 2009 International Symposium, which is specially designed to focus on various implementation phases of AMR/AMI projects, featured with open house and educational workshops to deliver all necessary overall knowledge and information that enables professionals to smoothly manage the projects from the feasibility study and procurement phases through installation and integration. Total 19 speakers and panelists invited to share their experiences and knowledge with all participants from both Chinese and international AMR/AMI fields.

The first day symposium was hosted as Open House (September 15) and over 300 participants were gathered to learn about the current development of the global AMR/AMI market and the innovation technologies and solutions developed for AMR/AMI application. In the morning, the Open House commenced from ¡°Utility (Electricity, Water & Gas) Leader¡¯s Forum¡±, and 4 speakers from Shanghai Municipal Quality & Technology Supervisory Bureau, Shanghai Power, Hangzhou City Investment & Construction Group, Shanghai North Gas Company were seperately invited to speak about the market opportunities and to introduce current application experiences on AMR/AMI technologies. In the afternoon, 8 experts from leading technology providers such as IBM, ADI, Scking Electronics, Anran, etc. were gathered in the ¡°Innovation AMR/AMI Technology Showcase¡± session to share their development experiences on advanced AMR/AMI technologies and pilot projects.

On September 16, there are 3 ¡°Educational Workshop¡± sessions dedicated to AMR/AMI project management knowledge and skills, information & communication technologies, and meter data management seperately. The workshop 1 was conducted by Charles Vincent, who is the expert from IBM and the other two sessions were conducted by Chinese local experts Mr. SHU Shan and Mr. Elliot CHEN. Following the two sessions, Expert Discussion Panelists were arranged to discuss and analyze the hot topics related to the system implementation issues as well as lessons learned. Through workshops, we can find that good project management skills are essential for large scale AMR/AMI deployment and Chinese Utility Companies need to understand more advanced management knowledge from international typical AMR/AMI projects and these will help them to lower future deployment risks and make a greater success.

Innovation Exposition

The AMRChina 2009 event attracted total 27 sponsor partners and exhibitors. 23 of them exhibited their AMR/AMI products and solutions. All vendors believes that there are great opportunities in China utility market for their products and solutions. RF solutions, PLC System-on-Chip solution as well as high-capacity power supply solutions were attached greater attention by visitors.

In summary, the AMRChina2009 has brought updated and valuable AMR/AMI information and knowledge from both speakers and exhibitors around the world to all participants. We believe that these will surely help them on their ongoing AMR/AMI projects. By this opportunity, we¡¯d like to express our sincere thanks to all speakers, sponsors, exhibitors as well as supporting organizations and media partners for their strong support and kind cooperation.

Sponsor/Exhibitor List

Advanced Digital Design S.A. ¡ï Serial Microelectronics (HK) LTD.
ANALOG DEVICES (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd ¡ï¡ï¡ï Shanghai Amplex Technology Co.,Ltd.
ASEAN TECHNOLOGY Shanghai BST Electric Apliance Manufacturing CO., LTD
Beijing Xinhongji Reaching Technology Co.,Ltd SHANGHAI DAZZLE TECHNOLOGY TRADING CO.,LTD
CIXI CITY QUANSHENG SHELL CO.,LTD Shanghai Sunray Technology Co.,Ltd
Dandong Scking Electronics Development Co., Ltd. ¡ï¡ï¡ï Shanghai Wanjia Precision Components Co., Ltd.
Digi International (HK) Ltd. Shanghai Xielin Electronic., Ltd
Hangzhou Honghu Electronics Co., Ltd. ¡ï Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Development Co., Ltd
IBM China ¡ï¡ï¡ï Shenzhen Londian Electrics co., Ltd
Miartech (Shanghai), Inc. ¡ï STMicroelectronics ¡ï
Ningbo LongKang Intelligent Instrument Co.,Ltd. ¡ï Wuhan Fute Technology Co.,Ltd
Polymer Technology & Services, LLC Metering International China Magazine

Pictures of Field Visit to Shanghai Gas Meter AMR Project

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