Heating energy saving as one of the most important constitution in building energy saving has been attached greater attention in China. During the 12th five-year-plan period, various levels of governmental departments have listed heating energy saving in their agenda. It clearly indicates that deploying heat metering and billing are the general trends and can not be reversed.
However, heat meter as the main tool for heat metering and billing, domestic product technologies are still not matured, many technological problems do exist in metering accuracy, reliability, stability, life span and power consumption etc. As the rapid development and wide application of electronic, IC, communication and related instrument technologies, new generation of heat metering products shall be greatly upgraded in overall performance.
To accelerate Chinese heat meter product technology improvement and innovation, and supply high quality product with better cost effective to the end customers, GSL Events jointly with Heat Metering Magazine specially designed “Heat Meter Design & Test Technology Forum”. This Forum will be held in conjunction with the 4th HEATMETERING China Conference during 16-18 April 2014 in Qingdao, to build a pure technology communication and dialogue platform for CTOs and R & D engineers from technology developers, complete meter makers, components/parts suppliers and product design solution providers as well as software/hardware suppliers.
In parallel with the Heat Meter Design Forum, the 4th HEATMETERING China Conference will offer you an in-depth analysis and fresh information about the latest heat metering industry development and trend, as well as display optional product technologies and solutions from world leading vendors.
The Forum will showcase the latest practical technology and managerial thoughts for the heat meter manufacturing industry through the onsite dialogue, discussion and technology evaluation between meter makers and components/parts suppliers, assisted with experts from technology authorities and end customers.
Looking forward to seeing you in Qingdao!
Show management
GSL Events, GSL Consulting
Exhibit Product Scope
From Heat Meter Manufacturers: and Components and Parts Suppliers
CTOs, Chief Engineers, Technology Directors, Technology Deputy General Managers, Technology Management Executives, R & D Managers, Engineering Managers, Hardware / software Engineers, Technology Application Engineers, Project Managers, Product Purchase and Decision Makers.
From Regional Metrological Institutes
Meter testing, examination, inspection and check personnel.
From Heat Utilities
Meter check, testing and calibration staff, installation and maintenance engineers, service engineers.
Target Audience
  • Complete meter software and hardware design scheme
  • IC solutions, MCU, Clock control chips, A/D switch; LCD display
  • Ultrasonic measurement chips, heat meter chips, lower power consumption time measurement chip, memory chip, communication chip, M-bus and RS485 module, security chip
  • Various flow sensors, flow meters, ultrasonic transducers, pairing temperature sensors, platinum resistance
  • Power supply: transformer, diode, electrolyzed capacitor, battery technologies
  • Meter case (cover, base, terminal button and end button lid)
  • Temperature controller, indoor temperature remote controller
  • Other accessories: impeller, inlet filter, entrance thermo-resistance connection, escutcheon, live nut, take-over, links, all kinds of valves, etc.
Reasons to attend Heat Meter Design & Test Forum 2014
The forum offers a plenty of benefit and value to the following organizations and personnel:
To core components and parts suppliers
  • Through this opportunity to centrally promote your updated technologies and solutions
  • You have various opportunities to have face to face communication with complete meter manufacturers, and understand customer needs and feedbacks.
  • Build company brand and image, strengthen owned technology strength and market position
To complete meter manufacturers
  • Entirely track heat metering product core technology development and trends, in order to have more options for own product design and innovations.
  • Foster young technological service and R & D teams, learn updated technology development, enlighten thoughts and widen the field of vision.
  • Meet your industry peers, exchange industry information and improve company existing products and technological designs.
To heat utility metering technological and managerial staff
  • Deeply understand today heat metering product core technology development to tell the differences of products from different suppliers in technical features and product quality.
  • Learn more about how meter makers select components and parts, in order to establish foundation for future product testing, examination and product maintenance, as well as post sale services.

17 April 2014
Qingdao, China

(Separate Registration Needed)

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