The ONLY International Event Focusing on China Heat Metering, Billing & Energy Management!
2012年4月17 - 19日

April 17 - 19, 2012
Holiday Inn Chang An West Beijing,
Beijing China
May, 2013, Let's meet in Tianjin
Closing Announcement

On April 17-19, 2012, The 2nd China Heat Metering Technology & Management International Symposium & Exhibition was successfully closed in Beijing. With 30-odds renowned experts worldwide and its subjects covering policies, EMC, billing, Internet of Things, HEATMETERING China2012 was regarded as a specialized platform for heat metering professionals to accumulate knowledge, share experience and network with industry peers.

The total number of the participants reached nearly 400 with many oversea audiences from USA, Germany, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, etc. Details are as below:

  • High quality, cutting-edge, overall, touching the key issues while very practical----By WangXinghai, Researcher, Shandong 20 Centigrade Energy Efficiency Technology Service Co.,Ltd
  • A grand meeting for heat metering suppliers, utilities, related institutes and governments to exchange viewpoints ——Lijian, Technical Supervisors, Audiowell Electrics(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd
  • Thanks for an interesting and well organized symposium. The symposium is a great opportunity for me as a researcher to hear more about heat metering! ——Simon Siggelsten, Researcher Malmo University
  • Topics widely covered and I get a lot of information. It's a professional platform——Guili, Beijing Huayuanyitong Heating Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Right direction to organize such a event, hope it will be better next year! ——Zhang Jijun, General Manager, Baoding Heat Supply Co., Ltd.
List of participants click here
International Symposium

The core of the symposium is to help utilities to find heat metering solutions----How to realize the long-term benefit brought by heat metering reform? How to purchase and maintain heat metering products? How to develop billing and corresponding energy service? A sustainable development for heat supply system is a key issue that we are facing. Based on the deep understanding, heat suppliers could better adjust their strategies and directions to meet market needs.

The two-and-half day’s symposium covered 8 sessions with twice round-table discussions as below:
  • Implementation, administration & Innovation of Heat Metering & Billing
  • Introducing ESCOs Into Heat Utilities – Key to successful heat metering reform
※  Panel Discussion: Heat billing and Energy Service.
  • Focus on innovation design and Core technology development of Heat Meters
  • Discussion on overall solution to Metering, Billing, AMR and Services
  • Pioneering Heat Supply Utilities Sharing Experience in Heat Metering Reform
  • Selection & Criterion of Heat Metering Product Selection in Heat Utilities
※  Panel Discussion
    1. How to scientifically purchase heat metering products?
    2. What key factors are important to be considered in heat metering product purchase?
  • Outlook & Trend of Heat Metering Reform and Industry Development, Carbon trade
  • Internet of Things, IT Technologies Bring Impacts & Opportunities to Heat Industry Reform and Heat Metering Industry
Product Exhibition

In parallel with the symposium, About 15 exhibitors showcased their products covering core components, heat meters, AMR system etc. Here suppliers strengthened their relationships with regular customers while got to know some new ones. Some orders were even placed during the three-day event.

Company Name Display of Products
Hydrometer(Shandong)Metering Co., Ltd ★★★ Sharky773.sharky775.ZAR CENTER.IZAR-Receiver.IZA Receiver. Bluetooth
Heraeus Sensor Technology GmbH ★★ Platinum Temperature PCB Sensors for the Heat Metering Market.
Beijing MK-Chip Technology Co., Ltd. ★★ UTA6902,UTA821S, IPC32F01 Series
Jumo Automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd. ★★ JUMO HEAT temp screw-in RTD temperature probe for heat meters
Shenzhen Secom Telecom Co., Ltd. Dedicated TDC to Ultrasonic time measurement TDC-GPZZ
Microchip Technology Inc. XLP(Extreme Low Power) MCU , PIC16 /18 / 24F MCU with LCD display, CTMU for Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
Shandong 20 Centigrade Energy Efficiency Technology Service Co., Ltd. Energy Management System. Outdoor Temperature Compensation  Control
Wuhan Fute Technology Co.,Ltd. LISOCL2, LIMNO2 batteries, Flexible Package batteries, high temperature batteries
Vitzrocell Co., Ltd. Lithium Primary Battery
Beijing Tianruixiang Equipment Co., Ltd. Heat meters, AMR, ON-OFF VALVE REGULATION
Kamstrup A/S Beijing Representative Office Ultrasonic Heat meters
Chongqing Wecan Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. UItrasonic Heat Meters
Beijing Elehouse Technologies Co., Ltd. Ultrasonic Heat Meter Electronic Modules
Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Development Co., Ltd. Heat Energy Acquisition Terminal and Automatic Meter-Reading (AMR) System Solution
Field visit to Beijing District Heating Group

Thanks to Beijing District Heating Group’s (BDHG) help, a field visit was smoothly organized with nearly 30 participants. Mr. Wang, director of customer-service center introduced its development and achievement. BDHG’s smart central heating supply is based on clean energy concept----natural gas and it is carrying out heat metering pilot projects for both public and residential buildings. Participants were shown around the dispatching center (more than 2000 stations) and customer-service center.

As the second year of the 12th 5-year-plan, Concepts such as energy-saving and emission-reduction, environment-friendly…are frequently put forward. As mentioned in the closing announcement of HEATMETERING China2011, heat metering reform will lead to smart metering as well as three networks/four meters in one. Moreover, we are entering an era of Carbon trade, IOT, Cloud computing…which will accelerate the pace for its development! 2012 is a year with the combination of challenges and opportunities----More billing area, higher percentage of heat meters qualification, billing policies revised but with difficulties to execute…However, we are pleased that HEATEMETERING China2012 brought to you first-hand and useful information for your future job! We are aware that heat metering reform is not a separate issue but connected with pipe network heating system optimization and under China's government supervision and management; it will enjoy a bright future with balanced benefit for all parties anyway.

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