May 26-29, 2015
Nanjing, China
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SGCC 2014-2019 New Technology Promotion for Power Distribution & Utilization Fields
Original information released by Metering China on WECHAT, Nov 2014, 30,000+ readers

To study its details, we can know that smart metering and power utilization information collecting system will be further improved and upgrade in 2015. The development of smart power distribution systems and two-way interactive smart power utilization system as well as the varied communications technologies are going into deep application and practical proved.

With the prospective and practicability being more important in 2015, Metering China will be closer to the needs of the industry. From that, China Power Distribution & Utilization Tech2015 will be themed "Interactive, makes life happier" and is going to take place in Nanjing, China on May 26 -29, 2015. The event will continue high-quality of the past eight years METERINGChina Conference & Exhibition and will be extended from smart metering to smart power distribution & utilization. The topics will focus on all aspects related to power interaction, like risks and opportunities, innovation and change , technology and products, applications and perception , trends and experiences, building a strategic, forward-looking, practical and international communication platform of global perspective for the person who working in the fields.

Urgency of its Development During the ‘12th five-year’, total planned investment of distribution network (110kV and below ) would be more than 800 billion Yuan. However, in fact, annual net real investment is slightly lower than expected. One reason is the development of smart grid was focused on the construction of UHV power grid a few years ago. Another reason is net investment did not form a sense of urgency, and power users consumption has changed a little. With the main grid construction is substantially complete, smart distribution grid construction formally put on the agenda since 2013 and 2014 is known as the first year of smart distribution grid development by the industry.

Policy and industry driving force From a perspective of national policy, ‘strengthen the urban distribution network, and promoting smart grid’ is regarded as one of six key urban infrastructures by State Department. From the perspective of power grid company, SGCC formally proposed in 2014: To comprehensively promote the standardization of distribution network, ensuring grid overall planning coordinative with the construction of new urbanization, adapting the development of distributed power and electric vehicle, to perfect distribution network architecture and so on. China Southern Grid in its ‘Southern Power Grid Development Plan (2013-2020) ‘clearly states that the coverage of city distribution automation will reach 80% in 2020.

The only way of upgrading the industrial structure of energy The ways of smart grid energy configuration will be changed from long-distance separated power generation and utilization into large-scale and long-distance power transmission and local balance of distributed energy & power load. That means distributed energy, smart micro-grid, EV, energy storage devices and so on will be connected into the distribution network. The fact is the current distribution network is clearly unable to adapt to such power load demand. Smart distribution network is the only way to upgrade the industrial structure and is going into rapid development absolutely.

Traditional Distribution Network: no networking source,
single direction flow
Smart Power Distribution, with networking source,
multi-direction flows

The ultimate goal The development objectives of smart distribution grid are establishing safe, reliable, cost-effective, flexible and environmental-friendly power grids. Future distribution network will accommodate large numbers of distributed energy by using distributed power grid and micro-grid technology, which will bring a range of issues to distribution network due to its large-scale access. At the same time, customer power consumption structure and demand for services will undergo profound changes. The consumptive energy gap of smart distribution grid will be changed from passive to active. This requires distribution network self-organized to take part in consumptive, achieving optimal coordination of the whole network.

Trend of the times Global energy development shows three major trends: Distributive, market-oriented, democratic. Get rid of energy sector’s monopoly and centralization is unstoppable. If we do not consider from the customer's perspective, we will face industry reshuffle even eliminated inevitably. In the case of the main grid construction has been basically completed, power grid corporation has also put more attention to the end of the power transmission. For example, to enhance the user experience, improve power quality and power reliability. In the era of information sharing, in order to keep pace with the times, we must interact.

All above give us a prospective outlook of smart power distribution & utilization, from which smart metering is still one important part of the system, and interactive technology shall play a very key role combining the systems and making the goals achieved.

Highlights of China Power Distribution & Utilization Tech2015
  • Continuing past 8-year Metering China events and extending from smart metering to smart power distribution & utilization
  • Day 1 (May 26): Educational Workshops
  • Day 2 (May 27): Communication Technical Session and Test & Certification Session
  • Day 3 (May 28): Distribution & Utilization Session
  • Day 4 (May 29): Field visits to typical project sites
  • Featured exhibiting areas (May 26-28)
  • China Market Study Tour 2015, Partnerships & Opportunities in Fields of Smart Power Distribution, Utilization & Metering (May 24-30, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, China)

Let’s meet together this May in Nanjing, China and discuss the interesting topics covering smart metering to smart distribution & utilization, sharing and learning, you need, we need.

Looking forwarding to seeing you then!

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