Smart grid concept has been a hot discussion and adopted in some countries, not only in power industry but also related to water and gas system construction. By surveys, many smart grid pilot projects in water and gas industries have been installed in some countries especially those in shortages of water and gas supply. Sample cases are not limited to: Maltese five-year national smart water & AMI project (costing ten million Euros). Sydney water big plan of installing smart water meters in the whole city by 2015. Smart gas metering initiatives in UK etc.
Smart grid deployment had started in China power industry since 2008. The success stories and achievements in China power industry are bringing huge impacts to the next generation technologies in Chinese water and gas industries. Especially since year 2012, the pricing policies on Ladder water price and ladder gas price are about to implement in most municipal water and gas supply systems during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Therefore, deployment of smart water and gas metering in China are becoming necessary and pressed in time. More, the most recent announced news from the MOHURD released two initiatives in May 2013 about "China Smart City Experimental Construction" which will be the next big drivers for smart water and gas system popularization in China.
China, no doubt, has the huge potential in market size of water and gas metering. Up to the end of year 2012, the annual water meter market size had reached nearly 80 million pieces, of which 90% are still mechanical type meters, that is hard to meet the future higher market requirement. The annual gas meter market size by end of 2012 had reached 30+ million pieces, of which more than 90% are still old type of gas meters. As predicted that the smart water and gas metering will be demanded dramatically in the coming three to five years in China, and the market will be booming by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan and the beginning of the 13th Five Year Plan.
The Chinese water and gas market is driving toward smarter due to the above mentioned factors. These changes are bringing great opportunities and challenges to the whole supply chain from components/parts to complete smarter meter and system technologies, as well as to the operation and management in water and gas utility companies. Meanwhile advanced technologies and system concept from leading international vendors are essential to the success of this industry revolution.
To assist the Chinese central government and MOHURD in deploying smart water and gas system construction, with reinforcement in technology and experience exchanges and dialogues among industry professionals from water and gas utilities, and manufacturers local and abroad, Water & Gas METERINGChina 2013 is to taken place in Hangzhou, China during 23 - 24 October 2013.
Water & Gas METERINGChina 2013 will provide a premier networking platform for leaders, executives and professionals from both China and global utilities, government departments, ministries, regulatory bodies as well as leading manufacturers and suppliers, and will furnish in-depth analysis and discussions on strategies and insights that shape China current water metering industry and the future direction. Hot topics such as smart grid, smart metering, billing, AMI, smart communication, and investment opportunities, as well as latest product technologies and system solutions will be the spotlights.
  • 2-day Conference & Exhibition (Oct 23-24, 2013)
  • Field visit to a typical smart water/gas metering project or manufacture plant in Hangzhou (14:00 - 17:30, Oct 24, 2013)
  • Metering Partnerships & Opportunities Weekly Tour (Oct. 20 - 26, 2013, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai)
I am looking forward to seeing you in Hangzhou this October.
Ella Zhai
Project Director
Water & Gas METERINGChina2013 Event Management
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