Jun 22-24, 2016 Hangzhou Jinma Palace (★★★★★)
Hangzhou, China

From the objective point of view of METERINGChina, the water and gas metering industry has developed rapidly over the past three years, and it is of enormous opportunities. Along with the integration and NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) of domestic meter enterprises, the mergers and acquisitions of overseas large meter companies, and the trend of centralized collecting of electricity, water, gas and heat industry, shows the huge potential in metering industry. Benefiting from the “Internet+”, the giants in communication field have also aimed at this industry. Therefore, under the current circumstances, we should wait and see what will happen in the future.

From 2013 to 2015, METERINGChina has held series professional forums, aiming to promote the intelligentization of water / gas industries. It is obvious that there exists lots of problems in water and gas industries, which we should join hands and confront together.

In the insiders’ eyes, METERINGChina is the best partner of public utilities and meter enterprises, building a bridge for both sides of supply and demand, as well as the technical exchange platform of the meter producers. In 2016, METERINGChina will insist on the theme of intelligentization, running through the whole industry chain including key component producers, meter enterprises and public utilities. The industry development over the past few years is based on the accumulation of market changes, and maybe the real qualitative change is about to happen in front of us. Pinnacle or subvert? Join us and we’ll see together!

Insiders’ Concern 2016
  • It is necessary to recognize the future application subjects, and the awareness and actively participation of water meter enterprises is key factor to drive the industry forward.
  • In 2016, Beijing will promote intelligent gas meter reading application and meter replacement. The hot topics in 2016 will be around remote reading system, network model, and value-added services.
  • With IOT technology, data sensing, big data and smart gas/water will have a profound impact on public utilities.
  • With the development of IOT and information technology, metering industry will gradually enter a new era, which is a new stage of rapid development.
  • Under the Internet Era, explore convenient meter-reading and payment system, standardize data collection and transmission standard, and promote the innovation of the public utility management.

Special Focus:Water/Gas Utility Special
Currently, some problems exist in the operation management of public utilities such as water/gas companies. China has a certain gap compared with foreign advanced level in leakage control technology, detection means, and evaluation index, and it also has the features and management requirements of its own. The conference of this year focuses on utility management, and the aim is to find the suitable technical means and evaluation methods through comparative analysis of the related technology and indexes at home and abroad combined with actual cases.


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