The digital upgrading and transformation of public utilities has never been so concerned. From the response speed and effect of deep application of energy data mining in different utility industries, we can also see the leading index and preemptive share of water, electricity, gas and heat utility companies towards the digital transformation of energy. All these are inseparable from the most basic energy metering. "Digital Transformation, Metering Moving Ahead" will become the main theme of METERING China serving the industry in 2020.
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Main Conference

Theme: challenges and opportunities of metering core competitiveness brought by digital transformation of public utilities
Time: 09:00-12:00, August 18

The main conference will invite special guests from government regulators, public utility companies, international institutions, operators and industrial enterprises to make keynote speeches.

Innovative Technology / Product Special Session

Subject: "black technology" for metering industry, timely linkage of upstream, midstream and downstream industries
Time:14:00-17:00 on August 18

Involving four-meter core components, such as flow measurement / safety / MCU / sensor / power battery / valve control / antenna; meter design scheme; Internet of things communication technology and platform, etc.

Electricity Industry Special Session

Subject:energy Internet and deep evolution of smart meters
Time:August 19 parallel

It involves software and hardware upgrading and algorithm of smart meter; 5g and HPLC; perception of power consumption side and intelligent power consumption; energy Internet, comprehensive energy and smart metering, etc.

Water Industry Special Session

Theme:People's livelihood and income, smart water meter can make the best of both
Time:August 19 parallel

It involves metering and water meter / flowmeter selection; meter reading and water revenue platform; water meter management and operation and maintenance mechanism; Internet of things and smart water, etc.

Gas Industry Special Session

Subject:acceleration of intelligent process of gas metering in the post gas Era
Time:August 19 parallel

It involves the digital transformation of urban gas, the metering and pricing of natural gas energy, the system management engineering of the whole life cycle of gas metering, the Internet of things and smart gas / smart pipe network, etc.

Heating Industry Special Session

Theme:reshape heat metering & return the eye of wisdom!
Time:August 19 parallel

It involves the commonness and difference of heat metering between the north and the South; smart heating technology and management; practice of leaders in smart heating network and intelligent heating; market-oriented operation of heating without subsidies, etc.

Pre-conference Activities: International Special Sessions) (Online Webinars)

Subjects:Various Topics are planned, please pay attention to the event updates & news.
Time:August, September/ November

Post Event Activities: Field Visit

Time:09:00-16:00 on August 20
Field visit of typical intelligent projects for electricity, water, gas & heat metering in Hangzhou