2023 Smart Heat & Heat Metering
Application Conference
In the past ten years, Publication, which was founded in 2011, has gone through 12 years with the pace of the heat metering industry, ups and downs, whether it is a national-level heating institution, or a heating utility companies or urban heating administration office in Northern China, or a research institute or association in colleges and universities!
China State Market Supervision Bureau, the Energy Research Institute of NDRC, the Heat Reform Office of MOHURD, the Heat Supply Development Center of Qingdao Urban Administration, the Weihai City Urban Management Comprehensive Service Center, the Shijiazhuang Heat Supply Affairs Center, Qingdao Energy Group, Weihai Thermal Power, Chengde Heating Group, Xi'an Thermal Power, Wuzhong Heating Group, Taiyuan Thermal Power, Luoyang Thermal Power, Mudanjiang Thermal Power, Sinopec Qingdao New Energy, Qingdao Thermal Power, Qingdao Jinhong Thermal Power, Beijing Energy Datong Heating, Shijiazhuang Huadian Heating, Yuzhong County Heating Service Center, Franch ENGIE, China Academy of Building Sciences, Shandong University of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology, Hebei Institute of Building Engineering, Beijing Gas and Thermal Engineering Design Institute, Xi'an Thermal Planning and Design Institute, China Building Energy Conservation Association, Jilin Province Urban Heating Association etc. all of the above organizations has being supporting the event.
2023 & the next two years will be the middle and second half of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The heating industry has become the focus of energy transformation due to its high energy consumption and heavy pollution. How to implement the phased objectives of the "double carbon target" in the heating industry as soon as possible is the key to the selection of technical routes and solutions. Learning from the successful experience and cases of industry peers are the shortcut. It is essential to fully understand the latest technology and application in the industry.
As the basis of smart heating and the data support of digital governance of industrial enterprises, heat metering has emerged a series of new trends and innovative measures in 2022: Inner Mongolia Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Pilot Work of Heat Metering in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; Shandong Weifang Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued the "Scheme for Improving the Two-part Heating Price for Residents in Weifang Urban Area (Metering Heat Price) and Formulating the Heating Price for Special Rooms such as Penthouse"; Beijing Municipal Urban Management Commission has released the Guidelines for the Tentative and Resumption of Central Heating for Residents in Beijing. The "Regulations on the Administration of the Heating Industry or Relevant Documents on the Double-Carbon Target" being formulated by Shaanxi Province, Hebei Province and Henan Province have clearly defined the relevant provisions of heat metering and charging.
China National Implementation Plan for the Establishment and Improvement of the Double-Carbon Standard Measurement System puts forward the requirements for improving the measurement technology system, strengthening the construction of the measurement management system, and improving the measurement service system. How should heat metering be built as a part of the measurement system? With the change of heating pattern under the dual-carbon target, what are the new ways and new attempts to achieve heat metering for heating enterprises under the double standard of satisfying the people's comfort needs and ensuring their own benefits? How can heat metering effectively become an important support in smart heating? “2023 Smart Heat & Heat Metering Application Sub-conference” is precisely under the consideration of many aspects, taking the "new path practice" as the core, and centering on "embracing digitalization & intelligence, starting new measurement with carbon metering" in the heating industry, which to be discussed and analyzed with the heat utility companies and industry colleagues on the spot.
Audience group: mainly for heating utility companies, thermal power companies, urban heating offices, heat meter/secondary heating network/valve & pump/temperature controller enterprises, IoT sensor monitoring technology companies, AI algorithm/software platform service providers, measurement institutes and research institutions, financial investment institutions, etc.
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