2023 Digital & Smart Metering
Innovative Technology Showcase Day
Core components of smart meters: metering chip, security chip, MCU, power supply battery, Internet of Things communication chip/module, antenna, OTA and other hardware will be more standardized, with better stability and consistency. The software algorithm upgrade will enhance competitiveness.
Smart meter design scheme/platform: provide standardized or personalized design scheme for meter and terminal manufacturers, reduce R&D costs and repeated investment, and shorten the listing cycle... not necessarily directly oriented to end users, and use technical strength to quickly respond to and meet the needs of partners.
Core technology of digitalization & intelligence of smart meters: to develop in the direction of automatic installation, automatic operation and maintenance, environmental adaptation, self-charging, process calibration free, and carbon neutralization, the key is to innovate the sensing principle, instrument functional materials, and key components! How to realize carbon neutralization in production process improvement and manufacturing links, and realize zero carbon meter and zero carbon factory!

The attractiveness of the metering market cannot be separated from three factors: market demand, policy support and technological development, as well as the characteristics of large scale, clear, more focused and centralized procurement of application scenarios.
In the past few years, whether it is "core" power or "core" technology, these partners have been deeply engaged in the meter industry, and continue to provide innovative products, technologies and design solutions that meet the needs of the meter industry and are cost-effective (ranking before and after): Arm, Sciosense, Silicon Labs, TE Connectivity, Beijing Ruidelian, Beijing Huada, Asia Technology, Guizhou Tongxin, National Technology, Hangzhou Lihe, Hangzhou Lianxintong, Huahong Integration, Jiede (China), Lierda Group, Shanghai Yixin, Tianyi IOT, Graffiti Intelligence, Wuhan Haocheng, Xiaohua Semiconductor, Xinyi Technology, ST Semiconductor, China Mobile IOT.,
"2023 Digital & Smart Metering Innovative Technology Showcase Day" will be an important part of METERING China Conferences this year, which will increase from half a day in the past year to basically full day, combining with the theme of "embracing digitalization & intelligence, starting new measurement with carbon metering", We sincerely invite all manufacturers and suppliers in the supply chain who are rich in innovative technologies and products in the metering industry to jointly discuss the evolution path of core devices, optimization of software and hardware design schemes and actual results of application scenarios to meet the current and future vertical development needs of the metering industry. Meanwhile, from the application of core component and parts technologies in meters to the real core technology of digital and smart meters?
Target Audience: The Showcase Day will be open to all industrial professionals to meet the needs of personnel in all links of the industry chain to track, follow up and update the progress and application of the core components and design solution platform of smart meters. No matter they are technical research and development personnel or testing and procurement personnel, marketing personnel or field service personnel, whether it is terminal meter manufacturers or utility users, the selection and evaluation of meter-related products will benefit greatly.
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