2023 Oversea Metering Market
Development Potential Conference
Who ever supported to the past Oversea Sub-conference in METERING China event?
PTB Germany、OIML-CS Management Committee、NMi Netherlands、STS South Africa、UL America、Great Wall Chendu China、NARI Saudi Arabia Smart Meter Project Team、China NIM、Shanghai IMTT、EDF France、Water Group Australia、British Embassy in China、China-British Chamber of Commerce、Mexico Bureau of Investment & Trade、SME Europe, HX Group、Wasion Group ……
In past years, leaders from the above organizations were invited and contributed content about international metering market development to METERING China events:
AMI: overseas electricity information acquisition project promotes key technical breakthroughs; Saudi smart meter project and overseas AMI system outlook; UK AMI experience sharing; European AMI project practice; North American tap water/gas AMI;
Testingand certification: STS testing and certification standards and access requirements of different countries and regions; Detailed explanation of global electricity meter testing and certification requirements and relevant technical standards; European MID certification system and standard update; Heat meter MID certification.
Market opportunity: Australian water meter market access threshold and successful cooperation cases; Brazilian electricity market and meter communication technology application; Investment and cooperation opportunities in the Mexican electricity market; Southeast Asia meter, low-voltage electrical and new energy market; German photovoltaic, new energy and electricity metering market; Indian meter market prospect; Smart meter and smart grid market in Russia; Nordic heating metering market access. Today's Asia-Pacific meter market is booming, and the market demand exceeds that of North America and Europe combined, with nearly one fifth of the 60 participating companies coming from China. In the next five years, the smart water meter market in the Middle East and Africa will grow rapidly, and the proportion of Chinese gas meter exports in emerging markets will also reach a new high. While providing measuring instrument products, Chinese meter enterprises are also expanding the overseas layout of charging facilities and photovoltaic energy storage products.
Based on these resources and background, by the opportunity of the annual metering conference, METERING China will organize "2023 Overseas Metering Market Development Potential Sub-conference" as pre-event. By that time, the CCPIT, large import and export companies, domestic and foreign guests with rich overseas market experience in electricity, water, gas and heat related fields will be invited to share and discuss the latest market development potential and challenges in major regions of the world from different perspectives. The purpose is to give full play to the respective advantages of Chinese enterprises, and to keep win-win cooperation.
Target Audience: Chinese meter enterprises or related product service enterprises that have carried out/are carrying out/plan to do overseas business
Participating Opportunity: apply for co-organizer for this sub-conference/or speech slot.
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