2023 Smart Electricity Meters & Distribution/
Utilization Metering Development Conference
The electricity meter industry has always been the industry with the fastest intelligent process and the widest coverage of smart electricity meters. With the promotion of the electricity spot trading market, the grid company is also carrying out various attempts and practices of the deep application of smart meters and consumption and acquisition systems under the new power system, so that "digital metering" shall be ahead of the "digital energy transformation".
Every year, VIP guests from China National State Grid, the headquarters of Southern China Power Grid, the major provincial power grid companies, the affiliated third industry companies and power research institutes will be invited to attend and speak at the conference, which is very valuable for enterprises committed to the current and future development of the power and electricity metering industry.
China EPRI/China National Metering Center、South China Power Grid Technology Center、Provincial and Municipal Power Grid Companies from Beijing, Chongqing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hebei, Shanan, Jibei, Sichuang, Ningxia,Shanxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Yunnan、Shenzhen, Guangdong Power Design Institute, Global Energy Internet Research Institute, State Grid City Energy Research Institute, NARI, State Grid Communication, etc. ……
"2023 Smart Electricity Meter & Distribution/Utilization Metering Development Sub-conference” is a one-day conference, with the "deep development" as the core, focusing on the theme of "embracing digitalization & intelligence, starting new measurement with carbon metering" in the power industry, presenting the content agenda from the following four perspectives:
Target Audience:It is mainly aimed at power grid companies, power meter and distribution power acquisition terminal equipment enterprises, power communication technology providers and detection/calibration service enterprises, software system service providers, intelligent manufacturing and AI enterprises, measurement institutes and research institutions, investment institutions, etc.
Participating Opportunity: apply for co-organizer for this sub-conference/or speech slot.
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