2023 Smart Water Meters & Water Metering
Scientific Management Conference
Based on the optimistic judgment of the future of smart water meters, METERING China and its partners jointly held the "Hometown of Water Meters Industry Forum" in Linyi city, Shandong Province during the China National Innovation Week in 2020, and the "Water Supply and Drainage Metering Management and Product Selection Application Conference" in Beijing in 2021, as well as a number of online webinars related to water meters held in 2022. In the next three years, the water supply metering market is more worthy of expectation:
Viewpoint 1: During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China's new round of urbanization has entered a high-quality development trend, and urban and rural water supply has been basically popularized. The future of water supply metering is promising and more predictable.
Viewpoint 2: Water-saving management has become a national strategy, and metering is the basic technical basis. With the need of high-quality development of modern urbanization, urban water supply and drainage are closely connected. Water supply metering has been extended to the whole process of urban sewage collection and transportation, rainwater collection and storage and sewage treatment. Meanwhile, the management and distribution of water environment has gradually entered the era of metering management. The technical guarantee of water metering has become an important basic support in development.
Viewpoint 3: For water utilities, from the management point of view, we should first solve the standardization of treatment of channels, from the technical point of view, we should establish and improve the life-cycle management cycle of water meters, refine the analysis of water consumption data, and improve the accuracy and data analysis accuracy to solve the optimization; From the perspective of products, more site conditions can be obtained through multi-sense information, and the optimal solution can be analyzed; In terms of process, on-site comparison can be achieved through online calibrator to obtain relatively fair measurement data.
Viewpoint 4: The different systems of metering companies and water utilities determine the difficulty of two-way travel, but the status of meter manufacturers provides the feasibility for the linkage between the two sides. From traditional water meters to intelligent water meters, from manual meter reading to automatic meter reading, from water supply metering to intelligent water services, it has never been paid attention to scientific management. It can be said that METERING China has been following the footsteps of Tianjin Water, Beijing Water, Shenzhen Water, Hangzhou Water, Changsha Water, Xiamen Water, Wuhan Water, Luoyang BEIKONG Water, Wuxi Water, Zhuhai Water, Chongqing Water, Suez Water and Baoding Water Supply Co., Ltd. and so on, have witnessed the latest development.
"2023 Smart Water Meters & Water Metering Scientific Management Sub-conference" is a one-day event, with "scientific management" as the core, focusing on the theme of "embracing digitalization & intelligence, starting new measurement with carbon metering" in the water supply industry, and presenting the content agenda with the above four points as clues.
Target Audience: mainly for water supply companies, water utilities, water meters and flow measurement equipment manufacturers, communication sensor monitoring technology enterprises and detection equipment service providers, software platform service providers, intelligent manufacturing and AI companies, measurement institutes and research institutions, investment institutions, etc.
Participating Opportunity: apply for co-organizer for this sub-conference/or speech slot.
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